The solar/lunar calendar used across Éran measure a year  in 52 weeks of seven days (one week being the time for Elir, the lesser moon, to come full cycle), for a total of 364 days in a year, the time it takes for the sun and moons to realign themselves in their positions in the sky. A month lasts 30 days (the time for Mir the greater moon to come full cycle) except the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th months which last 31 days to mark the seasonal solstices and equinoxes, where Mir stays full in the sky one day more than usual and coincides with Elir being in high sanction that day as well.
On the day of the spring equinox, the two moons cross paths in the sky in high sanction which typically marks the New Year across Éran, which thus begins on the second day of the first month (Newspring).

The Brennae Calendar:
The standard calendar used in the west is the Calendar of Brennèl, which marks the crowning of the first king of Brennèl, Devon Bren I. It starts with the year 1 AC (After Crowning). Dates prior to this are listed as PC (Prior to or Pre- Crowning). The current year is 1397 AC. It is generally used to mark the beginning of the Third Era of Man when humans began to climb out of the barbarism of the era of darkness.

Other Calenders:
In the east, the Solman Reckoning (SR) is used to mark the establishment of the Council of Regency. The current year is 1055 SR.

The Dwarves use the Ore Measure (OM) that goes back to the founding of the Five Kingdoms. It is divided into Dwarven Years of five regular years (measured as seasons) which is the time it takes for a one foot wide living gold ore to grow one inch. The current year in this calendar is the 2nd season of the dwarven year 1900 OM, making the calendar 9502 years old.

The elves have a different calendar system, as they measure time in Generations of 400 years and Generations in Cycles of 12 Generations (4800 years), before restarting the calendar. According to the elves, a Cycle is the time it takes for the rotating stars in the sky to come full circle. The current year in the Elven Reckoning is the 43rd Year of the 9th Generation. The current cycle thus started 3243 years ago in the year 1846 PC. If the elves count the number of cycles that have passed since the inception of this calendar, they are keeping it to themselves.

Another calendar that is in little use today but is sometimes used to measure events prior to the founding of Brennèl (although some wizard guilds and Altahkir do use it for modern reckoning as well) is the Isan Calendar. Because of the uncertainty of the Age of Darkness there is doubt about the exact year in this calendar. Most believe it to be around the year 9267 IY (Isan Years) or 9254 IY.

The Jhorni clans to the north measure years in Hjurkans, the councils the clans hold every 60 years. It is currently the year 58 of the 157th Hjurkan making it 9298 years old, a number most scholars dismiss as nonsense.

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