A white silvered breast plate. Beaten as thin as possible, it weighed nearly nothing when worn and held, yet withstood the strongest of blows from hammers. Intricate designs of lace are tattooed with red gold, making it stand out vividly in the light of fires.

This is truly a work of master. Its lines are perfect and symmetrical, never before seen in a piece of armor. There are no leather straps to hold the front and back of the plate together, they simple lock and snap into place. The design of the hinge itself is truly unique as it gives flexibility to the wearer even without the straps.

Magic/ Cursed Properties
While the breast plate is solid and will seemingly take even a strike from a falling boulder, it is not the durability that is scary, but the hidden properties. When worn nothing is noticed. It acts and functions as a normal piece of armor would. When worn in combat however, it slowly begins to plant a seed into the wearer. They begin to become angry at the slightest of offenses; they begin to enjoy physical confrontation which begins to manifest into enjoyment of pain. Their mind slowly breaks down into a homicidal rage or lunacy and they begin to act in a torrent of anger and rage that death can only stop.

It is often common for the murder rate to increase in the area when this breast plate is worn. Those who are near the wearer begin to develop a lunacy of their own simply being in a close proximity of it. Like the wearer, they desire pain and the rushing feeling of adrenaline as they watch the life drift from a victim. Once the wearer leaves the area, the effects of these in its wake slowly wear off and a lulled period of violence follows.

Those that commit acts of violence when under the influence of the cursed item usually feel remose once they awaken from a sleepy stupor. Those who wear the item, however, are forever changed and even if the breast plate can be removed, they are forever changed mentally.

This has been sitting on a napkin for about six months and I feel it is unfinished but I do not know what else ot add to it. Comments and advice welcome. Please remember that this is part of a set and most of the history information is in the main codex.

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