The Blood Necklace:

The Blood Necklace is a simple loop of grave silver given over to the dark enchantments of the Gore-Queens. When the necklace is clasped and it's power awakened, the metal cuts into the flesh of the wearer and releases a fan of blood. This is 'mostly' cosmetic in nature, but it does inflict a minimal amount of damage, and the wearer is constantly aware of this condition. The necklace and wound will continually weep a small amount of blood, though this is a magic effect and not ongoing injury.


The Blood Necklace renders the wearer neutral to all undead, from the lowest zombie and skeleton, all the way up to liches and dracoliches. This allows the gore-queens to make their place among the hosts of undeath. Sentient undead can overcome this neutrality if the wearer actively attacks or does something to offend them.

The wearer of the necklace becomes superficially undead. This grants them a number of passive abilities such as immunity to emotional manipulation, mind control, and greatly weakening illusion magics against them. 

The drawback of the Blood Necklace is that it alters the emotional range of the wearer, turning their demeanor to a darker and more negative range. The Gore-Queens were known for being cold, cruel, and laughing as they executed horrific crimes against humanity, nature, and magical balance. 


The Gore-Queens of the Vaecaem Necrohol have long dwelt in the dark places, dealing with forsaken and evil magics, calling up the lords of the undead, fornicating with demons and devils, dining on flesh, raising the dead only to torture and kill them over and over again. This left their lands stained in blood. The necklaces were one of many tools that the witches created to help them work with and around the undead, and things that might try and manipulate them. The necklaces proved to be one of the most useful of these tools.

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