Blinkly the inventor sat in his laboratory for weeks on end drawing up the plans for his greatest work yet. He had found a way to take and iron arrow and hollow it out, fill it with black powered and pray for the best. He even thought it a good idea to make a resin that caused enough friction to light the wick on the rocket without fire. After many more weeks of making modifications to a bow, he was ready to give the rocket its first true test. As Blinkly launched the rocket from it's resin laden string the flames that erupted were so large that a fair portion of his hair and eyebrows were burnt right off. But the explosion the rocket made was so thrilling Blinkly decided that the rocket needed no further modifications.

Once Blinkly had found some potential customers, all he needed to do was show them its power and a sale was assured. As he was preparing everything for the launch one man approached him.

'I was wondering Mr. Blinkly, are there any problems a man such as myself would experience when firing a weapon like this?'

And Blinkly replied.

'There is only one kink in this lil' beaut!'

And with curiosity driving him, the man asked.

'Well could you give me a description of this?'

Without a second thought Blinkly fired off his rocket, destroying his intended target along with much in the surrounding area. The customers were all quite shocked at the power of this weapon.

And so Blinkly opened his newly crisped mouth and replied.

'I think toast would be an appropriate description.'

This is a bit of a dangerous weapon, for both the user and the target. In fact it's deadly for just about anyone in the general area. And to use the rocket the following will be required.

1) A custom made bow. The rocket arrow is far too large and far too heavy for a normal bow. Any attempts to use the rocket with a normal bow would surely break the bow. Or it would only propel the rocket a few feet.
2) An Exceptionally strong person should be using this, as the bow string has quite a heavy drawback. Blinkly is of course happy to make weaker versions for some extra coin.
3) The custom made resin. This is so a character can use the rocket without having to light it. Though it is possible to just light with wick, it would be much harder.

How the rocket works:

Once launched off the rocket is just a bit out of control. It is not as accurate as other arrows might be.

The wick on the rockets is rather short and the rocket will detonate after it has had about 100 feet of flight.

There is enough black powder in this rocket to make quite a large area explode with it.

The Drawbacks:

When the rockets wick is lit, either from the resin or a fire, it shoots out torrents of fire behind it. Any person trying to fire it will be quite crispy. It is also quite likely that some if not all of their possessions are on fire.

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