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November 25, 2005, 2:32 am

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Just an ordinary woman in a small village, suddenly taken away from her home to a long, long journey… Sounds like something that everyone hopes for himself, something else, something… well, adventurous, doesn’t everyone want something like that?

...She doesn’t.


She is very slim and usually walks a little hunched, her moves as gracious as a cat’s. She has emerald green eyes and black hair, which reaches down almost to waist-level, usually tied to a ponytail with a piece of silk. Her face is beautiful, but is easily forgotten. She usually wears a black outfit, or in rare occasions, dark blue. She wears absolutely no armour, and in her legs she wears black, long boots.


Born into a poor family, Blackrose (the name she was given at birth was Mirelle Hovad) was the daugher of a chandler in a village that didn’t seem to offer much possibilities for a girl, except to get married to a nice boy. Despite that, her parents loved their daughter, who was their only child, very much and they wanted to keep her safe and arrange a good future for her. It was obvious from the start of her puberty, that she wouldn’t become the definition of ‘woman’. No, she was slim and thin to the last years of her puberty. She was very fast and dextrous but it didn’t seem to benefit her in any way and her parents were slowly losing their hope of finding a young man for her to get married with.

Then, one day a very elegant young man entered the poor chandler’s shop to buy some candles and noticed the, now 18 years old young woman, helping her father behind the counter. The man felt attraction towards the young lady, although she had a tongue as sharp as a sword, but was never unfriendly towards the young man. The man asked about the girl from her father and the father felt the hope rising in him again. As for Mirelle, she, too felt attracted to the mysterious young man, who presented himself as Klei, and didn’t put up much of a fight, when after six months of regular dating the man proposed her. The marriage took place in a tiny chapel, with only a handful of witnesses. The priest was old and friendly and praied that the God would bless these two young souls.

After the ceremony, the young couple decided to move to Klei’s place. Little did Mirelle’s family know of what Klei, this elegant and always polite young man, truly was. In truth he was the head of the Thieves’ guild of a city called Agademi, one of the best of the best in business. The couple moved to Agademi, where the truth eventually was revealed to Mirelle, and she didn’t take it very well either, as Klei had feared. Mirelle tried to escape and Klei, who really loved Mirelle, didn’t have any choice, but he had to lock Mirelle in a room, hoping that she would soon come to her senses and see through the job Klei had taken. After all Mirelle’s feelings were true when she didn’t know who Klei in reality was.

However, months passed by and the righteous girl didn’t give up, so Klei got desperate to be with her again. He went to his treasure hold and took the most valuable thing he had ever owned from there. The object in question was a perfect sphere, which had found it’s way to the possession of the guild long ago. It reflected the rays of the sun from it’s perfect sphere-like surface like crystal. It had always been in the possession of the guildmaster. Klei had done some investigating and found out the use of the crystal-like stone and took it to Mirelle’s room and gave it to the girl to look at, saying it was an apology-gift for everything the girl had had to endure. He also said that Mirelle was free to go if she so wanted. Naturally, the girl was puzzled and didn’t know what to do, except to just sit there and look at the crystal in her hands. From there on it was easy for Klei. He just had to say “capture” and the Mirelle’s life was sealed. A tear glimmering in his eye, Klei kneeled in front of the woman he loved and asked “please, forgive me”, hoping to hear the warm voice of his beloved wife, but the only answer he could get was the cold, steady “I forgive you” coming from Mirelle’s mouth.

Nowadays, Mirelle’s name in the guild is completely forgotten and there she is known as Blackrose, the beautiful assasin and bodyguard of their cold, vicious guildmaster.

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Comments ( 4 )
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November 14, 2004, 11:24
Can you do something like capturing one's soul to someone you really love? Nay... Klei wanted to possess her, own a precious piece, in my opinion... ad his true self shines through when others see him as cold and vicious. Or has he become so out of self-loathing seeing what he has done to his beloved out of cowardice?

Certainly one explanation for an 'emotionless' assassin - while her body is just a husk, within a beautiful crystal sphere, her soul screams in terror...
April 29, 2008, 22:24
Interesting, however a bit more explaination into the nature of the crystal would be be nice. Can it be undone of the owner wills it? How many souls can the crystal hold? More importantly is the crystal indestructible? If it is destroyed does the soul (or souls as the case may be) return to it's original bodies or go on to the spirit planes?

(Perhaps just detailing the crystal as a separate sub would be better)

This does offer some nice adventure hooks though, especially if another thief manages to steal the guild masters greatest treasure and then accidentally break it...
Voted Silveressa
May 2, 2008, 16:25
Only voted
Voted valadaar
February 3, 2016, 11:19
Lots to this one, with unanswered questions of course, but sometimes thats a good thing.

A decent backstory - I like it.

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