The Bimbo Bot began as a intimidation tool and weapon in Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand and Cambodia. Creating a bimbo bot is a horrific and cruel process that basically involves taking a human being, removing a large portion of their cerebrum, specifically the frontal lobes and replacing them with cyber brain components. The result is a thing that looks human, acts mostly human, but has been savagely mutilated and turned into a flesh puppet. Whomever has access to the bimbo bot's cyber brain has the ability to change and control their behavior to a horrific extent.

The first bimbo bots were crude, barely capable of surviving without near constant medical attention and handlers. The techniques were refined in a process of horrific third world human experimentation, until functional bimbo bots were created. These were capable of sophisticated programming, self care and self preservation, and the ability to host simulacra of personalities. These first and second gen 'bots' were typically members of dissident's families, or dissidents themselves who were brain scooped and turned into loyal members of this party or that organization. As a weapon and intimidation technique it was terrifying and effective.

Later ventures into this field of horror yielded something worse.

The current incarnation of the bimbo bot involves taking children and turning them into flesh golems. Controlled by a cyber brain, but still nubile and underage, these are considered the top end of predatory delights for the most degenerate of connoisseurs. The only fiends that notch above devotees of these bimbo bots are the sort who specifically abuse and then ritualistically murder their victims. The distinction is a narrow one, and as cloning tech, neotenics, and other technologies advance, they are rising more and more to the surface.


The difference between autons and a bimbo bot is that the auton is purely a machine. The bimbo bot behaves like a machine most of the time, to the point that different kakugrams and engrams can be loaded into the cyber brain, changing the persona file of the bot. Even machine intelligences can be slotted into a bimbo bot, giving them the chance to experience what it is to have flesh and blood.

This is of course, pure fucking horror.

Of the person that existed before, there is little to nothing left. The thoughts and memories of the host are annihilated when the cerebrum gets the ice cream scoop treatment, leaving the body a vegetable. After the process is completed, the body has a new controlling will, a machine one, and can resume psycho-emotional responses to its environment. Bimbo Bots can be used a sex toys, that is the most common use. They can be exposed to torture and abuse, the personality can break, the flesh bleeds, and the eyes weep tears. A bimbo bot seldom even knows that it is a throw away piece of flesh and machinery.

Recursive Horror

The most debased and horrific torture that has come from the process of bimbofication is that a device like a Cohaagen aparatus can be used to brain drain a person and convert their mind into digital form, and then the host body is turned into a bimbo bot. Then the stolen kakugram of a victim can be loaded into their cybernetic brain, fully aware of what has been done to them. Given the nature of computer files, the kakugram can be loaded into two different systems so that the victim can both witness their horrific torture and abuse, as well as experience it over and over again.

This seems extreme, and it is. The level of hate and malice required is in the range of institutional level insanity and psychopathy. To do this to another person is akin to wishing the ability to kill the same person over and over again, making them experience their own death as many times as the flesh can sustain it, and as many times as a crashed personality file can be recovered.

Variants and Deviants

The most common use of current generation Bimbo Bots is sexual gratification. While there is no shortage of virtual, cybernetic, and similar technologies where the darkest fantasies can be played out, these lack reality. The wealthiest of deviants and degenerates want the real thing, or a romanticized version of the real thing. They want the yielding flesh with its scent of fear, quivering with terror, dripping with viscous fluids, redolent in it's reality. They don't want the other side, the animalistic side that fights back with teeth and nails, fury and fear. A bimbo bot will scream and bleed, cry, and orgasm through the abuses laden on it.

That being said, that is only the most common use of bimbo bots.

Political sabotage and infiltration - a dissident or public figure can be body-snatched and turned into a bimbo bot, via the Cohaagan approach. They retain their nature and demeanor, but become programmable and vulnerable to cybercrimes and cyber warfare.

Sleeper - a seemingly normal person could be a bimbo bot, but their cyber brain is packed with things like asymmetrical warfare, terror tactics, improvised weaponry, criminal enterprise, synthetic drug creation, and the like. They spend time seemingly normal and then with a signal, or on being caught, their latent programming activates and Karen Johnson goes from being a somewhat slutty obnoxious woman to a trained assassin and demolitions expert with a burning pulsing desire to blow up City Hall.

Cell Member - a bimbo bot might only have a portion of their brain removed and replaced with artificial parts, a willing victim of the process. Like the Sleeper, they work as part of a cell and have plausible deniability and compartmentalization. Most of the time they are just another person, until they get a keyword or a signal command, and then they work as part of a machine mind collective to complete basic tasks. Drive a truck, deliver a package, order a pizza, call the same station and request the same song over and over. Random seemingly, but serving to support a completely unrelated task.

Slaves - with mechanization and machine controlled automation, slavery would seem to be an antiquated idea. How could a human with a robot brain come close to the efficiency of the machine mind? It simply cant. The machine and the drone are superior when it comes to things like numbers, production, return on investment formula. There is something that a machine can't do. The machine can't suffer. It takes the human element to embody hope and despair, suffering and agony. And some people are simply just that fucked up.

Mentats - less Cosmic Horror and more Dune, a person could technically decide to have their humanity surgically removed and have their mind replaced with a machine cortex, divorcing their personality from human and organic frailties like being able to perceive pain, the urge to reproduce, sexual attraction, and the other elements or sticky, wet, organic life.

Luminary Bimbo Bots

The vast majority of bimbo bots are low born, the destitute, or those who had the misfortune to be related to someone who pissed off a third world military junta with access to cybernetics and psychosurgery. That isn't a high bar to hurdle on the Silk Road or in the shadow courts of the ACPS.

Elizabeth Mullens of the Commonwealth of New England was subjected to bimbofication after her apparent death. Her fiance had access to Silk Road technology and took her body, replaced the damaged parts with stolen human pieces and cybernetics and loaded a personality file into her cyber brain based off of her social media shadow. Mullens became homicidal and killed over a dozen people before vanishing. Her last victim was her fiance, who was left partially lobotomized as security forces discovered the tech lab before she was done turning him into a bimbo bot as well.

Hiro the Suicidal Soldier - Hiro started as a made man, skilled in hand to hand combat, the use of pistols, and even swordplay. After a few years, his injuries started slowing him down, so he did what any amoral street samurai would do, he digitized his mind and uploaded himself into a nascent AISC mainframe. Once secure, he created spin off copies of himself, his mind as a dutiful assassin and soldier and started having that doctored kakugram inserted into bimbo bot hosts. One by one, the machine AI that had once been a Yakuza made man created an army of himself, soldiers who fought with grace and skill, and were completely and totally expendable. Each slain bimbo bot taught him how to better improve his own code, making each update and upgrade even more efficient and lethal.

Armitage is an incredibly dangerous man, but like Ag195, he's only stable for about six months. After six months, the kakugram of R. Armitage starts to disintegrate into a bundle of hostile neuroses that becomes highly self destructive. During the time that it is stable, the Armitage persona is a highly competent and effective mastermind for organizing cells acting towards a specific purpose. This tends to be less in the realm of rubbing public nerves together for recreational effect and more towards Durdenesque ends like blowing up a specific arcology, or orchestrating the assassination of an AISC.


The Bimbo Bot is a horrific dehumanization of a person, turning them from a human being into a flesh and blood programmable machine. This is pretty much an irredeemable act, and once a person has been given this treatment, they are effectively dead, though the most optimistic outcome would be finding a pristine kakugram of them before their brain slaughter and loading it into the cortex and programming them to not know they are a program in a machine wedged into their old body.

The least interesting and most common use of this technology is for the abuse of others for sexual gratification, and as such, most people roll this into the realm of class warfare, technophobia, and xenophobia. Bimbofication only happens to stupid foreign girls who are brutally poor, and while it is bad, it is more of a problem for vice squads and if those women hadn't been from the wrong part of the world, and not poor, and not whores, they would have been fine.

What a boogeyman to try to scare teens into following the straight and narrow path.

Ignoring the fact that the most insidious use of this technology isn't for forbidden and unforgivable sexual gratification, but for terrorism, sabotage, and propaganda.

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