The Great Goblin

Belmodars are outcasts from the goblin community. Being ostracized from the warrens, kicked out of the pack, triggers biological changes in the pariah. Similar to locusts undergoing changes and becoming much more aggressive, Belmodars become almost a different species.

Physical Changes: Belmodars are larger than their normal kin, sometimes as much as two or three times larger. Once kicked out, their growth potential is open ended and they can become very large. This is dependent on how long they survive and how much food they have access to. In theory, a belmodar could reach the same size as a giant or a titan provided it lived long enough. They develop pronounced claws, large fangs or tusks. 

Mental Changes: having been kicked out, Belmodars are increasingly aggressive and isolationist. Their intelligence also grows as their bodies do. They become better at planning, and more cruel than before. 

Social Changes: Belmodars will eventually start stalking other goblin tribes, avoiding their own and becoming predatory towards others. They will attempt to mate, aggressively, with other goblins. Male belmodars can be especially destructive against goblin tribes, killing males and breeding the females. These offspring are larger than normal goblins. The new goblins are accordingly larger and more confident. This can cause the non-ostracizing tribes to eventually push out or destroy the tribe that created the Belmodar. Female belmodars breed more belmodars, creating loose federations of large aggro belmodars that can start taking over isolated areas.


The Arch-Belmodar is the offspring of a pair of belmodars. It grows quickly, has pronounced cranial ridges and horns, wings, and its sheer presence causes submissiveness in all other goblins and goblinoids. They are feral forces of nature and tend to weld tribes and clans together and set them on the road to conquest, terror, and a either a reduction in population (reducing the stress of overpopulation and limited resources) or an increase in domain and resources. The factors of reduced resources or overpopulation tend to be the things that trigger exile and ostracism in goblin tribes.


Belmodars are super goblins, and typically should be on par with a low level PC character. This allows them to operate as a threat to starting level and low level PCs. They can come from different classes, so there can be cunning Belmodar shaman, belmodar throat cutters, belmodar toe-cutters, and the like. They can also be scaled up to where they are equal to mid level characters, representing decades old belmodars who've come to dominate wherever they have set up camp.  

They will have some sort of lair, and this lair is a good place for loot to be found.

Belmodars will tame monsters, so they can be used as handlers for more exotic creatures that need a firm hand from something that isn't afraid of being bit from time to time.

From a role-play perspective, they are more independent and self actualized, and can parlay with PCs, ally with them, and act in other roles other than sword bait.

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