This device is a wonderful novelty... at first. it appears to be a small black box about 6 inches square with a circle on each face. When the command word is spoken the box releases a series of bass-boosted blasts that are capable of destroying just about anything within 5 feet including walls, floors, and that pesky stone golem that has been following you around. This item also has a unique ability, you can magically place songs on it to play when the command word is spoken giving different effects. The box comes with 3 different songs on it.

1. Heroes: this song inspires anyone within 5 feet to fight harder and stay up when they would collapse from their injuries. This song buffs damage and can keep a player up when they might drop to 0 hp. good for dps players

2. Reguvenecena: this music floods you with feelings of vitality. anyone within 5 feet of the box will gain double their hit-points temporarily. amazing for tank players.

3. Biggest Bass Drop Ever: This song is the destruction song any creature within 1 foot of the cube is deafened and pushed back 20 feet and knocked prone. any object larger than 5 feet will probably break and any object smaller than 5 feet will probably be pushed back. good for breaking buildings and making diversions.

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If a deck of playing cards is placed on the top of the Bass Box and the box is activated, almost all of the cards will be scattered violently in the area of effect. The only card that remains on the Box will be a single Ace. The cards might distract or even temporarily blind anyone in the area.

The remaining Ace card will vibrate for exactly 3 minutes and 18 seconds. (Sorry, I had to do it, too.