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March 2, 2006, 4:15 am

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Barak 'The Beast' Gohern


Angry, insane, or just plain beastial; Barak is beyond healing.

Special Equipment:a blackened neckace worn by his mother at her death.

Appearance:He stands 5’4” and weighs 130 pounds. His skin is a pale white with a silvery hue. Black hair thickly covers his head, arms and legs. He pays no attention to his appearance, nor cleanliness. His eyes are red and have a slight glazed to them.

Background:Since the day he was born, Barak was treated as an animal; even his mother “lovingly” gave him the nickname The Beast. His father is the Beastial god Gruz; whom he curses for his unnatural appearance.

Kept away from the local villagers, in the wild, Barak learned early-on how to forage for food. He would eat bugs, plants, and sick animals. Occassionally, he would dare to enter the village to steal food, from the merchants, in the morning hours.

The older children would play cruel games and jokes upon him. At first, they just teased him, but eventually they would play “The Hunted”. During this game, Barak being the beast, was chased through the forest and, when captured, he was usually beaten; other times he was deficated upon. Another form of this game was to chase him with hunting dogs and let them maul him.

His mother, seduced by the dark lord Gruz, went mad when she beheld her only son. Remaining in the surrounding forest, away from the village, she lived in a fantasy world where her most indepth conversation was with herself. At times she would speak to him as her son; beyond that he was treated like an inferior dog.

At home Barak only received scraps from the dinner table. He lived in a dog house built outside, and was trained to bark at strangers and to beg, rollover and play dead. This was his mother’s attempt to deny the sanity of truth.

After eighteen years of life, he began developing inherent abilities. One evening the young bullies of the village came to lynch the Beast. These new powers surprised and thwarted the thugs from openly attacking and teasing him again.

They young men, not only hating him, but now fearing his new found power, plotted against him. They waited, as he enjoyed his new found solace; they waited, as he began to believe life’s fortunes turned for the better; they waited, until a reason was given.

A couple years passed until a disease, sweeping the world, struck the village. People were dropping like flies; fear corrupted their thinking. The young men, seizing the moment, laid the sole blame on Barak. Then, with the blessing of the village elders, they devised a plan to finish him off.

That evening, while most were asleep, the young men approached Barak’s home, which he still shared with his mom. They held lit torches, and carried pitchforks. Upon reaching the home they lit it afire. Screams from Baraks mother was heard within, but there was no Barak. The men waited for him to escape, so they could attack. Yet, there was no such action; no other scream, until.

A shrill scream pierced the night from the other side of the house; inside the woods. Immediately, the young men panicked and ran. One-by-one they fled; and one-by-one they were struck down.

Barak, seeing the flames, grew enraged, and, seeing the young men, immediately attacked. With each kill, memories began to fill his mind; the teasing echoed; the beatings reopened upon his back; the urine began raining. Then there was black.

It is unknown wether Barak remembers the bloodshed that evening. Unknown, wether he consciously followed through their killing with the slaughter of the remaining villagers. One thing is for sure, none, save him, survived. Well, he survived, but not his sanity.Roleplaying Notes:*see myths
*perhaps the characters are hired to try and capture him for sport, or other diabolical reason.
*The characters, traveling through his domain, become the hunted in his game of cat-and-mouse.
*Barak likes to reenact his mistreatment, as a child, upon his intended victims. He does not always kill, but he loves to torment.
*he will not communicate to humans on an equal level, he is the dominate one toward them and demands their respect. It is humans that quickly ignites his anger; he will also suffer flashbacks in their presence.
*inherent abilities: (will finish)
1. stench- When excited, he emits a volatile odor that causes opponents to vomit.
2. heightened smell- His sense of smell is like that of a bloodhound.
3. berzerk- In anger, he grows one foot in height and gains the strength of an ogre.
4. levitation- Can raise himself up to fifteen feet.

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Comments ( 3 )
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January 5, 2005, 2:35
I liked the original version in the Myths section better.
Ancient Gamer
January 10, 2006, 9:37
Barak "the Beast" Gohern.... I have read that name in some Forgotten Realms supplement somewhere, sometime!
Voted valadaar
November 10, 2014, 15:49


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