It is not unheard of to have a wizard wield a wand or staff in the absence of a pet frog or something. When the first wizard chose an animated object, it started a kind of arms race in wizarding fashion to create the most useful or powerful animated object to bond with. Some wizards even bonded with what amounts to a robotic companion, raising more questions than polite society is comfortable in asking. Tangentially connected to that escalation is the useful and utilitarian Backaroo.

It's origins start with a masterwork backpack, with a heavy dose of tinkering thrown in, creating a backpack that is sturdy and has innovative solutions to many problems with conventional sacks. There is a long, wide belt to balance the load and provide support, wide straps to cushion the shoulders and a cover that can tie down over the whole backpack to protect it from the elements. Once animated, the personality starts to show as the pack balances on the belt with a bouncy gait, bedroll ties hanging twisted behind it like a tail, and the shoulder straps tuck inside the main compartment to retrieve items while the weather cover is perched above like an inquisitive torso and head. As it hops along behind it's master, there can only be one name for it:

The Backaroo.

Some variations have been further embellished with wider bedroll ties and thicker shoulder straps, even face tooled into the leather of the weather cover making it look the part while enhancing its abilities in engagements. Others are extra dimenional, becuase why not? No matter the degree of skill of creation nor functionality of it's abilities, no wizard with a Backaroo can ever be taken seriously.

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Sounds like a wizard from the world of Beauty and the Beast