Avalon - Arth Village

Avalon is set among the beautiful green rolling hills of the biome. The homes here are right out of a Maxwell Parish or Thomas Kincaide painting, little Tudor styled cottages and a quaint temple. They cluster around the central plaza, which is really just the intersection of three undertravelled Imperial roads (South to Antioch, East to the Villages, NorthEast of GreatRidge road).

Avalon would be known for its sheep and goats. It produces fine wool products and excellent cheeses. However, it is the presence of the Druids that make it stand out. First a bit of geography. To the west, is the coastline. Between here and there is a band of green called the Coastal Forest. It is here the bulk of the Druids (humans who dedicate themselves to Mother Arth or the Green Lady) live in a manner similar to the Elventi... embedded in the Green using magic to assist their lives. They still need humanti goods, but much of their lives is spent in magical communion with The Green.

On a small island off the coast, called Emerald Island, lives the Grand Druid (and a large number of other druids). It is unclear if the Grand Druid is immortal (or nearly so) or just a title passed on. In addition to being the leader of the Druids, he is known to have supernatural wisdom. He is known to answer ONE question a year for every supplicant. The questions can even be about the future. If the need is great, the answer is straight foreward. If the need is not great or it is about a future event, the answer is a complex riddle. The amount of riddle implies the importance to the World and the Druid.

The Druids (and Villagers) make a living off the supplicants. There is a steady trickle of those who wish to know The Truth. Each one is to give a gift of note to the Druids (a sliding scale, two copper for a peasant or a major magic tool for an Imperial Noble). For that gift, the Druids will bring you (in small groups) through the sacred Greens, walk you across the water (on stones that raise or lower), and though the mysts that protect the island (and back again). You get an audience in the temple of the Green, a temple made of interwoven evergreen trees. The Great Druid sits in a wooden throne that seems grown. There is great pomp and ritual to the asking of questions and the answers. After the questions are answered, everyone is escorted back to the village.

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