Special Equipment:

A set of quality daggers hidden on his body. Very good at using them.


Somewhere between 40 and 50, wearing old clothes, looks uninteresting (because he knows how, and wants to look that way). May be encountered while gathering berries etc.


This was Aurelius' night. After long and tiring spying, he finally determined the location of Mr. Money's stash. The fat and absurdly rich merchant hid some of his nicest gems -for the future- into the last place thinkable: into the citys orphanage! The derelict building Mr. Money sometimes visited, to spend a little money and get a good feeling of himself, was holding riches many times surpassing HIS expectations, and that was quite a lot.

Overcoming one of the best locks available, and luckily dodging a little needle flying out of it(phew!), found some boring papers and a secret compartment with a few dirty silvers and some more coppers? But wait! There was another secret compartment in the first one... overcoming two other traps he opened the velvet pouch and closed it quickly again. The beautiful reflections cast by the stones told him: You will never work again.

On the way back he grabbed the other pouch, for some cash is always good. Leaving the city and all his 'comrades' behind he laughed loudly and praised the gods for his skill and ability. No one will ever find a trace!

His mood soon changed.

Roleplaying Notes:

A simple hermit he seems, has but a small problem that forced from among all people. Aurelies is cursed:

For his vain and for stealing from the poor children, Aurelius is cursed to leave large black footprints behind, no matter what he does and how he walks. He even leaves them behind while riding a horse! The footprints are not erasable by any means.

Aurelius lives his lonely life in the Black Wood, a section of a forest left alone by most creatures, after some horrible monster began roaming there, scorching the very earth, leaving large black footprints! The Black Wood is considered cursed and dangerous and no one ever goes there.

Aurelius may be harder to track now, for he stays pretty much on the same paths, which are now all deepest black.

Roleplaying: Forced to the life of a loner, craves desperately some company. Will be friendly, but tries to hide his curse. Supports rumours about the monster, explaining friendly creatures are not attacked. He himself has sometimes heard some strange noises, but covered his eyes and prayed and so was spared. Some people were but never seen again, that is sure.

Aurelius is an accomplished thief, if a bit out of training, and may even train others. As he has left his former ways and accepted his punishment somehow, it may be diffilcut to persuade him.

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