A small handheld device, roughly the size of a cellular phone with a large screen and an optical scanner.


The augscannen, or Eye-Scanner, is a handheld device used to quite obviously scan eyes. Designed in Germany, the augscannen was created to determine the condition of the person being scanned, mostly to determine if a person was a cyborg, genetically augmented, or even a clone. This technology was developed as part of a counter-espionage program.

For a number of years, cyborgs proved effective means of espionage. These cyborgs could record and save information just by seeing something, even things in routine tours of facilities. The original corp designed the scanner to be quick and convenient, and it functions by searching for certain chemical triggers that are associated with cloning tech, and cybernetics. The use of the scanner proved a useful first line of defense against saboteurs.

Later Use:

The augscannen was picked up afterwards by security companies, and later, law enforcement. These agencies routinely dealt with augmented humans, and often it was valuable to find out if a suspect or person in custody was a cyborg or had been genetically augmented, as some such people would often suppress their full abilities until they are under lowered surveillance in detention. The device is also used when capturing high profile targets, as these powerful and dangerous men and women commonly have the power and resources to have body doubles, clones, and robots that can stand in for them.

Augscannens are differentiated from eye-scanners as conventional eye-scanners are biometric identification devices, while an augscannen is only a diagnostic tool to detect human, clone, cyborg, or the presence of other biological modifications.

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