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December 1, 2012, 9:31 pm

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Art of the weilder



Few are those who can master, let alone even learn, the art of energy weapons. It is a power little understood by even great scholars and magi. It is not an art that can be considered apart of any of the schools of magic, nor does it truly even fit with the art of a monk's ki. Though it fits closer to the latter. Users of the art are known as Weilders.

Users of this art do not carry weapons with them and typically wear light or no armor. They are all trained highly in hand-to-hand combat, though specific techniques can vary from person to person.

Their real power comes from their energy art though. They channel their energy into a perfect sphere shape relatively the size of their own fist that "floats" a half inch from the palm of their open dominant hand. This is the beginning process and takes maybe a second or two. Masters can do this faster than the time it takes to blink.

The spheres do not read as magical, though anyone who detect energy will know that a massive amount of energy radiates from this sphere. The spheres are also colored, and the color is different for each individual, though that does not mean that people can't share colors. They can be any color and color blends do occasionally happen.

After holding the sphere the weilder can morph it into the shape of any weapon they have seen. Weapons can then be shifted into any other weapon at will or back into sphere form to conserve energy. Ranged weapons such as bows appear to fire and impale their targets however immediately after impact the energy is particalized and pulled back to the main source. Weilders can also morph these weapons around giving them greater mobility and speed than real versions of these weapons. An example of such a morph is the weilder cut down a foe in front of them. Now a foe is attacking them from behind. Rather than turn the weapon around, as one would have to with a normal weapon, they can simply shift the shape to face backwards and stab behind them. These weapons are also exceptionally more powerful than a standard weapon. The speed of these shifts depends on the weilder's level of mastery, however even the slowest weilder takes no more than a couple seconds. Another thing to note is these weapons are weightless, however they are still physical and can block.

At any point the weapon can be reverted to sphere form. Once in sphere form a weilder can release all of the energy in a blast in front of them. This type of attack is most commonly referred to as a burst release. The blast fires in a cone like pattern and varies in power by the weilder's mastery. Once used this way the sphere is gone and the Weilder would have to channel to make a new one. Lesser Weilders though typically burn their energy out after such an attack.

These powers require a low level of focus to keep them up. If a Weilder becomes greatly wounded, i.e. close to death, whatever weapon that is currently in use will revert to sphere form and begin to seem to flicker. After a few seconds the sphere is gone. It is possible to burst release the sphere at this point.

Training is done in buildings far away from major cities and settlements known as Warens. Training begins at a young age and is very selective. The masters of each Waren are known as Waren Lords. They are the ones who select trainees being said to be able to see the flow of energies within people. They completely refuse to train anyone who has already grown, which they define as being over 12 years of age, and the oldest student recorded started at the age of 10. Typically students begin at 6 years old. How new students are picked up is not well known. It is typically assumed that they were orphan children. Training is broken down into steps.

6-8: Students train in meditation and discipline. During this period they never are even introduced to combat. They are made to do chores so that they can learn discipline and build up their bodies. At 7, in the middle of this period, they begin major physical conditioning.

8-13: Students begin hand-to-hand combat training, which varies from Waren to Waren. The training is rigorous and full contact sparring starts at only a year. By the end of this period students could be considered more fit and better trained than most town and lesser city guardsmen.

13- : Students begin energy training. During this period they learn to channel and focus their internal energies. By a year of this they should be able to hold a sphere and shift into a weapon relatively easily. At the end of this Waren Lords recognize students as Weilders.

After be recognized a Weilder can pretty much go where they please. Many choose to stay and assist the Warens, while others choose a life of travel. The Warens themselves pay no homage or allegience to any country, guild, clan, or other organization. Weilders are recognized as completely independent in their actions outside of the Waren.

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Comments ( 8 )
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December 2, 2012, 14:57
I think I would replace the age ranges with something that fits more with character skill/class progression if I were to use this in a game. The way this is written, players would either need to start characters as children who were somehow able to adventure outside of the Waren or begin play at the height of skill and power at adulthood.

Other than that I like the idea. It reminds me a little of the physical adept from Shadowrun, just cooler.
December 5, 2012, 15:35
I did understand how it could be hard to run a game with children aged characters, but I wanted to make the training young because of the great length it takes to accomplish. And I actually haven't played Shadowrun. Lol. So I really don't know about that, I'll take your word for it.
December 5, 2012, 16:27
9 years of training still leaves quite a bit of leeway for starting age. Still, the idea of starting them so young says something about the organization. It would make it easier to mold the children mentally to a certain philosophy while they're still young and pliable.

Not sure that I'd want to face a fully trained Weilder just when hormones are doing their thing, though...

Shadowrun is a fun game (at least the first couple of editions; I can't speak to the rest) and was ahead of its time. I have a certain fondness for the physical adept.

Also, this would make a kickass video game.
Voted Murometz
December 4, 2012, 13:21
Reminds me of Jedi. I can see axle's point in replacing age ranges with something more character-oriented, but I kind of like that approach...

Besides, if GoT has taught us anything its that kids are dangerous :) So much so in fact that I wouldn't mind playing a puberty-experiencing, angst-ridden, wide-eyed, adventure-hungry 13-14 year old Weilder prodigy, or use one as an NPC, who the PCs will most likely underestimate.

I'm curious as to the spellings. Weilder and Waren are spelled this way purposely, yes?

And since I think this is your first sub, let me give you my patented, "Welcome, Chaoticwaffle!". Good first sub!
December 5, 2012, 15:43
I guess the training is kinda like Jedi. Didn't even think about that. Lol. And yes I thought of a young one, who may still be in training, ending up meeting some people who make the mistake of underestimating him/her. Oh and the spellings are indeed intentional. Unique spellings can make it well, unique. Oh and I did this sub earlier, so not my first but I am still new.
April 13, 2013, 16:06
"Reminds me of Jedi. I can see axle's point in replacing age ranges with something more character-oriented, but I kind of like that approach..."

I don't write every comment on site, that one was mystic's
Voted Strolen
December 5, 2012, 5:17
No summary, bold move. :)

I had the feeling that the info on these dudes was just getting started and I was left wanting more. Power and training is good, but these folks must be a force to be reckoned with. As Muro mentioned, much like the Jedi. This is a powerful group and they have some kick-ass training. Do they stay in guilds, are they mercenaries, do they serve only righteous causes? etc.

Would love to see some plot lines with your thoughts on their powers and what they would be asked to do or who would use them. It would help make me understand your thought for their place in the world.

I like it and it is just unique enough to be recognized yet of itself! Great!
December 5, 2012, 15:50
I planned on a few more subs for the Weilders. Once a Weilder is recognized they become completely free. Many do stay with the Waren they grew up in to assist as they can, however many also choose a life of adventure. They can swear fealty to really anyone they want to and are nearly as varied as any other group of people. Though it does stand to reason that growing up in such a discipline heavy environment would make them lean more towards lawful-like alignments.

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