'Alzim, now that's a name! Leader of the Alten Mercenary Corps, master tactician, ex-general of the Cadmury Kingdom's forces, slayer of entire brigades, or perhaps most notable is he is a master Weilder. Sadly many of the young do not remember him.'

Old man at the local pub

Alzim was found as a babe by Adinus, Waren Lord of Ezreus Waren, where he was accepted into the Waren and began training at the age of 3. Saying Alzim was a prodigy still doesn't seem to really cover it. It was as if Alzim was literally birthed to be a Weilder. His training went by far faster than Adinus had ever seen in his 68 years of being a Weilder, 45 of which was spent as a Waren Lord. By 9 years old he was already capable of creating an energy sphere and in month capable of creating over 5 dozen weapons. By the age of 10 his shifts took no more than a second and he had defeated all of his fellow trainees.

At the age of 12 Adinus sent him a hundred miles to Olrik Waren to learn their arts. It may be noted that rarely does a Weilder go to other Warens and almost unheard of before they're at least 15. There Alzim impressed Olrik Waren Lord Quemei, whom many said she was impossible to impress. Within 3 years he mastered her Warens art as well, but his training would not end there. For the next 10 years he was sent from Waren to Waren to learn their own individual arts. Including his own he went to 6 different Warens and mastered each of their styles by the time he was 25. Few can become true master of even one style and even most masters will only learn 1 or 2 additional styles.

At the age of 25 he left Waren life to make his way as his own man, even though he was offered to be Waren Lord of both Ezreus and Olrik Warens. He made note of how much training and ability he had and how even though he had traveled much he had actually experienced very little of the world.

He started out just wandering around and performing odd jobs for people to get by. However he soon stumbled upon the Kingdom of Cadmury. It was here he made his first home for himself. The people here were kind, hardy, and noble. He became popular with the locals for all of his hard work and help and eventually caught the eye of General McBreeny.

McBreeny was an aging man and in search of a replacement. He noticed Alzim's good heart, exceptional skill, and ease to learn new things and asked him to move into the castle. Alzim humbly accepted, always trying to broaden his horizens. Over the next 2 years he studied war tactics and military leadership. When he was 29 he finally proved himself to the whole nation when he led 100 men in a battle against 800 men of the invading army of Feora Kingdom and won with 42 casualties. It was during this same battle that he was said to have slain more than 200 men single-handedly.

When he was 32 McBreeny passed and he was given the position of General of Cadmury Kingdom's Army. Though sadly his position would not be held long. Soon after his promotion news of the famed General McBreeny's death spread. The nation of Pezcul decided this was finally their time to strike. Without warning they attacked and within a 2 months Cadmury's outlying forts and towns had been taken. After the initial shock Alzim organized his forces and managed to hold for 3 months before he needed to directly enter conflict. In the battle for the eastern valley Alzim struggled to hold for 3 weeks before finally earning a comeback victory. The eastern side had been secure, but while he was away the rest of the nation fell and he had not enough men to hold what was left.

After the loss of his home Alzim became a drifter, though he was not alone. A score of men, 5 of which were officers, decided to follow Alzim. The small band became the beginnings of the Alten Mercenary Corps. After a year they settled in the free nation of Alten. This city was not ruled per se, but governed by a council of merchants. Here anyone was welcome. They accepted free trade and many a mercenary band made the city their home. This is where Alzim set up shop and eventually had the Alten Mercenary Corps grow to over 500 men. The AMC fought as an expeditionary force for whatever country payed them. However they did have rules. They never would turn against a nation after accepting payment and would make sure to complete whatever job they were given or return payment and avoid anything to do with that particular conflict. And secondly they would never accept a contract from Pezcul or any of it's territories or supporters.

Currently at the age of 50 Alzim is still leader of the most renowned mercenary group in the world. He has never married, nor had offspring. He occasionally visits the Warens he trained at and offers any kind of resource he can provide except for leadership. He refuses to become a Waren Lord. Only 3 of his original men are still alive and they are his most trusted officers.



He is quite humble, though he will tell stories of his achievements and his status. He usually twists them to where it was not only his greatness that achieved these things. He is kind and always willing to help out where he can. He is quite charitable and personally has not much more money than a farmer after all he has donated to various charities. He is pretty mildly tempered, though insults to Cadmury will quickly piss him off. He enjoys hanging out at the pubs with his men and the townsfolk, telling stories many are too young to know of and listening to others' stories.


He bears the scars of war, both physically and metaphorically. It is said that even though he has a cheery appearance that his eyes have lost the luster of his youth and are dulled by the horrors of war. His hair reaches just below his shoulders and is silver in color. His eyes are a sky blue color. Contrary to his age his muscles are still firm and strong, though they have never been exceptionally massive but more tone. He stands straight and with an aura of authority. He is around 6 feet tall and weighs around 150-160 pounds. When not wearing his armor he is usually dressed in a simple black tunic with simple leggings and hide boots. His armor is made up of a light plate like armor. His battle uniform is blue with black lining and he wears a cape that is one side red and one side black. His badge of office in the Cadmury army is pinned on his chest.


He is a master of 6 styles of hand-to-hand combat and often will use just this to fight. As a master Weilder he can create an energy sphere in the time it takes to blink and use a burst release well over a dozen times a day. His favorite weapon form is of a thin bladed long sword.


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