Armlet of Vallis Frigoria

A moonsteel armlet set with diamonds


One of the artifacts of Imbria is the Armlet of Vallis Frigoria. The armlet is a deeply powerful item that according to legend is tied to the eventual fate of both the Earth and the Moon.

Appearance: The Armlet of Vallis Frigoria is a metal band that goes around the upper arm. It is made of moonsteel polished to a mirror like sheen, and it is set with several diamonds of varying sizes. These jewels are bound together by powerful and ancient magics that long predate the Imbrian Kingdom. The diamonds move, taking the shapes of various constellations, and sometimes can offer astrological insights to the wise bearer.

Origin: According to the Royal Legend, Queen Eternity I was given the Armlet of Vallis Frigoria by the Goddess Luna herself as a symbol of the Moon's support of the Queen's mandate to unite the entire world under a single ruler. The truth is that the armlet was found in the treasure trove of a long deceased lunar dragon. The beast was so long dead that a single touch reduced it's bones to a cloud of dust and that from that ancient trove Eternity I took away many relics and artifacts that powered her rise to power and glory. Where the armlet came from before that is lost, as is how such a powerful item was made.

History: The Armlet of Vallis Frigoris has been passed from Queen to Queen, a quiet succession that is in many ways much more important than the passing of ceremonial objects like crowns and scepters. There has not been a queen of Imbria who did not bear the Armlet. 

When Imbria was annihilated the Armlet was again lost and is still missing.

Specifics: The Armlet is (gamespeak ahead) a metagame item. When treasure and other goods are determined from adventuring they are always excellent (assume best possible rolls) so that the bearer is much more likely to find epic, legendary, and rare goods as well as the best jewels and so forth. 

Secondary: the armlet can be used as a huge aid to divination and foretelling the future, pending the weakness below.

Tertiary: the bearer is largely immune to cold and cold based attacks. Cold and ice aspected creatures and spirits can be forced to the bearer's will as if they were a cleric turning undead.

Drawback: The armlet can be overused, and when it is, it's power is inverted, and treasure and found goods go through the floor (assume worst possible rolls) and this can last days, weeks, or even months and the only way to avoid it is to remove the armlet and put it away for a while (weeks, even months or years). The boon power only affects treasure and none of the other powers, but the bust power affects everything, so it can be very powerful for a short amount of time, then needs to go to timeout. 


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I like the metagame portion of it. That is fun and something I have never used. The ability to overuse it is a fun leveling affect as well.

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I'm a little confuzzled, and I had to look up what meta-gaming was via google. So let me see if I get this right:

The item actually grants the PLAYER the ability to effectively 'metagame' by giving them divination and fore-seeing type abilities, thus being allowed to use info that their in character players are usually supposed to know? In addition it allows the player to find the best possible loot in any 'looting' scenario (except when it's overused, and the powers are inverted).

Is that what i'm seeing here? :D

It's an interesting thought if so!

Also, it would be an interesting twist if the inversion also affected the divination, and they were actually fed INCORRECT and warped information for days/weeks etc.