Armisael Station

Armisael Station is a triple torus station, the three rings nested inside each other to create a gyroscope configuration. Conditions in the outer ring are near earth normal for gravity and air density. The middle ring is closer to Martian conditions, and the inner ring is close to Lunar standard. The core module has zero gravity and is laid out in a efficiency model that doesn't give concessions to the typical human two dimensional model of thinking. The holo-projection table is technically located on the ceiling of the command center, and most of the crew belt into their stations and can have a core axis that put them on the walls, upside down, and normal configuration. There are many handrails and link points for the crew to move around in the space.

The main purpose of the station is as a communications relay and observation point, with the ability to handle stellar cartography. When in operation, all three of the rings rotate on their main axis, and spin in a gyroscopic configuration. The station is enormously stable even when operating at peak performance.

Crew: Normal - 800, max occupancy 2,200, skeleton 18

Offensive Capability: point defense and anti-debris systems only, Armisael is classified as unarmed, and has no anti-aerospace or anti-ship firepower.

Defensive Capability: Modest armor, and has the ability to carry and service an aerospace squadron. Normally the station only has 3-5 fighters, and the rest of the space is taken up by tugs, small craft, and construction aerospace craft.

Behind the scenes: Armisael is a piece of psychotronic arcanotechnology and the entire station is an alpha wave transmitter and psychotronic 'beam' device. In passive mode, the station can 'read' the alpha wave patterns of the humans and sentient non-machine intelligences in its field of view. This isn't mind reading, but rather taking pictures of the surface of the ocean and discerning the currents. In active mode, it operates as a megascale emotion radiator. While not staggeringly powerful in this configuration, Armisael can mimic the effect of normal emotion radiators in arcologies, but can affect hundreds or even thousands of square miles. In its most devastating configuration, strike mode, Armisael can fire a psychotronic beam, the psi-disrupter. This beam completely disrupts the neural pathways and synapses in organic nerve tissue. This causes immediate catatonic state, seizures, and in some cases, death. After a psi-disrupter blast the population in the strike zone is left in a mental break state, disoriented, and will have to make difficult mental checks to avoid psychosis, neural divergence, and mental illness.

Use: Armisael Station is a wonderweapon designed to pacify large areas, allowing them to be quickly taken and occupied. It can also be used to completely disable rebellious population centers, or act as a 'happy beam' to undermine social based problems.

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