Arascui is voluptuous and beautiful, with a face and form that has inspired many passions. She is fine boned, with a narrow nose and high cheekbones, and eyes the color of bright limes. Her hair is a long cascade of auburn ringlets that falls to her mid back. She usually wears elaborate silk robes and gilded bangles and anklets, but she wears no makeup. She wears a pair of silver sandals.
Arascui is irresistable to men. She is very seductive and manipulative, but gives off an air of simple innocence and adoration. She has a special glance which she has perfected, which no man can resist.
She does not like alcoholic drinks or spicy food, and will not have it near her. She is a woman of expensive tastes.


Arascui was born in the house of Relatu, a merchant prince of the family of Ajatori, and was given as a gift of faith to the house of Cheliasi, where she was raised in the greatest luxury.
She was a girl of expensive tastes, with beautiful robes and golden jewelry, and she often went to the Temple to pick the water-limes there. She was a very happy and clever girl.
As she grew, she became beautiful, but she also grew petulant and discontent. She learned woman's magic, and used her wiles to get the things which she wished to have. Many shopkeepers told tales of bedding the young Ajatori girl, in exchange merely for a few trinkets. Eventually, her wiles were used to purchase silence as well.
Then, one day, as she went to the Temple to pick the water-limes there, she saw the priest hero, Avoti the Blessed. Avoti did look to her, and their eyes met, and forever there was their love sealed.
They were married in the Temple there, and Avoti purchased for her a villa in the hills, where she dwelt while he was amongst the people, and gave unto her a garden of water-limes and pools.
But in the villa, Arascui grew once again petulant and discontent. She was lonely and unsatisfied, and took even the slaves to her bed in a search for something to fill her empty heart, drained now of love for Avoti.
And then came Avoti's endless religious wars, and she followed him to the mountains, cold, unyielding, and devoid of water-limes.
Slowly, surely, Avoti's faith is being destroyed. And Arascui is sure that it is happening. Slowly, surely, she has used her seductive abilities to bring the inner circle of the Zealots into her fold. They are hers to command now, her own personal store of power for when her husband fails, and he will fail, she is sure of it.
Arascui loves Avoti, but every day of his fanaticism drives her farther and farther away from him.
In the end, she knows, she will be a widow to the God.

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