'Aah, ye are a fool, Anamis!' The drunken lout jeered at the famous explorer, as Anamis took one final sip of wine - tomorrow he was to trek between The towns of Garilo and Nearfield, by taking the short route over the mountain.
'Thar be ghosts up there!'
'Don't be so ignorant, man! There is no such thing as ghosts!' Anamis fingered the rough-shard topaz on a string necklace which he found in one of his explorations, before he snorted as he stood from the bar of the pub and left to get a good nights sleep. The next morning he headed out.

The Towns of Garilo and Nearfield were only ten miles away from each other, but the trodden path was a good thirty miles long. This is due to the superstition of what was up there: It is said that at the peak of that mountain, in a dark, gloomy deadtree forest, lay a tear in the fabric of worlds - That between the spirit world, and the real world. Animas, a learned scholar and explorer, sought to prove this wrong to make a quicker path to the towns, and thus become even more famous than he already is.

A week after his due arrival to Nearfield, and his wife and teenage child who waited there grew worried enough to the point of convincing the town members to form a small search party to search for him. It took a whole day to scale the small mountain, and the fearful search party wandered through the small deadwood forest up there. The party entered a small glade. The second a person stood on the dead grass in that glade, the sun dimmed for their vision, and a sense of utter dread overcame them. Many broke out in a cold sweat. Some whimpered and back away, But Animus's son, who caught a glimpse of a yellow glint a few meters further in, pressed on. It took him three minutes to walk five steps, but eventually he returned. In his hand was a Topaz shard, on the remains of a burned string necklace. The shard, however, seemed to shimmer and flicker, as though it were only half there. Those who grasped the topaz found that if they clenched it hard, it would start to seep through them, as though physical barriers only partially blocked it. Animus was never seen or heard of by his family again, though he DID appear once more. That however, is a different story.

Magical Properties:

- Those who wear this shard around their neck on a necklace, will gain a mere semi-corporeal appearance. Bieng half ethereal, they appear semi transparent.

- For whoever is wearing this necklace, any object, corporeal or ethereal which enters their body (such as a sword) will take several will slow and meet an odd partial resistance - as though they were striking water, or soft clay.

-Any object within the wearers body will take several seconds to take a full effect. For example, if someone stabbed this person, they would have to keep the dagger in the same place for 3-5 seconds before the stab would actually 'cut' the person. A quick stab in and out would make the wearer feel sudden pressure and a slight pain, but nothing serious. This works as both an advantage and disadvantage, as though it takes far longer for weapons to effect the wearer (Thus allowing them to survive even if fatally hit, if they back away fast enough) It also means weapons can pass directly through hard bone to reach vital organs.
Someone could effectively grab a pebble from the ground, reach their hand inside this person and place that rock in their heart. It the wearer does not reach inside themselves to remove this rock in 20-30 seconds or so, it will kill them.

- The feeling of something foreign within them is that of pressure, increasing substantially every second longer the item is within them.

- This item can effectively be used to pass through walls and the like, just as ghosts can do. Pressing against the wall will cause the person to seep through, appearing on the other side. If its a thin wall (perhaps 30 centimetres thick) they can do this safely. A thicker wall will cause more difficulty. If someone tried to pass through a meter or more of rock, the pressure would grow too great and they will effectively be crushed. (It would be an experience for a miner to break down some rock, to find it bleeding, and embedded in that rock? A topaz shard, flickering strangely)

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