LOCATION >> Duchy of Etroupirean



As of now, the Orc Tribes in the badlands have united against the Duchy and are mounting a major offensive campaign. So far they have been advancing from the Northern Border and have taken out the towns of Madward, Shimmershear, Shroudhost, Basinlight, and Clearmoor. They were completely caught off guard and there are no survivors as far as we know. All other towns and villages have not been affected yet.

The major cities of Steepwallow, Madhall, Lostdale, and Swiftvale are already setting up defensive fronts. The capitol city of Eastminster is going to be our primary command center.

All noble land holdings and dwellings have be converted into shelters for the vulnerable and wounded people as mandated. Counts Harry Coombes, Tristan La-Minnings, Kent Larson, and Lucius Stuart-Lane are going to stay and defend their holdings to secure the 4 bottlenecks that the enemy will be forced to go though to reach the inner regions.

Duke Reginald Hargreave will be leading the main charge against the Orc Forces alongside Counts Ralph Wellington and Barnaby Quentin.

All minor nobles have also been activated and half of them will be leading the rear guard while the other half will be assisting in tending to the wounded and vulnerable.

The Ducal Palace has been successfully converted into the primary shelter for the capitol city. The combat capable people are going to be mounting the defenses of that shelter.

Evacuations of the vulnerable to the nearest shelters is ongoing. All others are joining the fight.

King Felix Conwyn alongside Queen Tiffany Conwyn are arriving at the Duchy with support from the Royal Army as the Duchy is the main obstacle that seperates the Badlands from the rest of the Kingdom. King Felix will join the Duke in the main charge after rallying the men from the remaining towns and villages to fight alongside him. while Queen Tiffany will take care of the rear defenses.

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