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May 5, 2009, 12:09 pm

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Adrian Borrowman was not happy about the body he was in, but was unsure what to do about it…..

In his currant incantation, a young, green eyed red haired beauty named Serena, a gangster’s moll and part time pole dancer.


Adrian Borrowman was a wizard, and like the vast majority of wizards, he didn’t want to die. Whilst he was certainly not whhat the majority of people would call an evil wizard, he had done one or two things in his youth that he was not very proud of and feared that his soul might be badly treated in the afterlife. So when he was still in an early, healthy middle age he started looking in his books of lore for a way to avoid death, and what he found was not very encouraging.

One way would be to become a Vampire, but he didn’t know any vampires, didn’t know how to track one down, and really didn’t want the Vampire to just drain him dry instead of turning him, as might well be the case. Also, he liked the sun and wanted to walk in daylight without ending up as ashes in an urn or swept into the gutter.
Nor did he want to drink the blood of his fellow humans.

Then there was of course, the option of becoming a Lich. It was long and hard, might well fail, involved a lot of really nasty stuff and left one as a skeletal being, the sort that adventurers and city guards would cross the road to attack. Adrian didn’t want to kill anybody if he could help it. He didn’t want to set up a realm of his own with zombies and other Undead as his servants. He wanted to have a quiet life with his family.

Then he got the idea of crafting a ring, a ring that would store his spirit after death until someone wore it, when he could take control of the person’s body and take over their life, trapping their spirit in their own body. And when the body died, he would leave the ring in his will to another person, and litraly live through his family.

It worked well for two centuries, with the ring passed down from father to son unaware of it’s purpose and power, until the body he was possessing was murdered, it’s throat cut without warning by a thief who was proving to his other thieves that he was willing to kill. To add insult to injury, the thief stole the ring amongst other things, and then gave it to his girlfriend.

Adam, much to his annoyance, now found himself stuck in this new female body. Whilst he still knew a deadly spell or two that he didn’t need a staff or complicated spell ingredients to cast, he realised that he didn’t want to kill anybody, not even the thief who put him in this situation. And a lesser spell, he decided, would make things worse, much worse, as he would then have some very dangerous people on his trail.

Nor in this new body could he go to the forces of law and order, since he soon found out it was wanted for several serious offences. If he explained who he really was, either most likely they would think he was crazy, or they would think he was telling the truth and then arrest him for using illegal magic to possess people. And he could not use a Changing spell to escape either, since he needed ingredents that a gangster’s moll just did not have access to. So he decided to play his new role for now the best he could, although having to kiss and make love to a male privatly disgusted him.

Special Equipment

The gold ring he crafted centuries ago. When the unlucky wearer puts it on, his or her spirit is attacked by the spirit within it and entrapped in it’s own body. Should the ring come off for any reason, the trapped spirit will get it’s control over it’s body back, and likely get revenge by burying the ring or melting it down.

Roleplaying Notes

Adrian/Serena will not use deadly magic, as he/she does not think it right to kill people. He/she does know several spells capable of packing a nasty punch without killing, however.

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Comments ( 1 )
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May 5, 2009, 3:21
Well, this could use some more work. There's some spelling issues; I also think you mean "incarnation" and not "incantation".

As for the sub itself: Adrian comes off as a weakling, considering he's a 240 year old mage, who has to have tricks up his sleeve.
Make his motivation for crafting the ring more pressing: perchance he KNOWS he will go to hell for some unforgivable sin if he ever dies?
Also, the story needs a better explanation why he hasn't escaped yet. Also, you should mention what steps Adrian takes to escape his situation. And plot hooks.

Give it a thought. Make the piece feel less hurried. I will hold my vote.

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