1. Osgood Carter

Carter is classified as a category 4 Keter type parapsychic, and they have a manifested power that is incredibly dangerous, strong, and almost impossible to control completely. Osgood is sensitive to aphasic lifeforms, naturally being aware of them, not as a medium, but as a person who can see and hear them. Accordingly, Osgood has some serious psychological problems and prefers to be heavily medicated so that his power is dampened. He can project and manipulate creatures in aphasic space, with the ability to force them to manifest in analog space (phasic/baryonic space). Once manifested, whatever he has grabbed can be interacted with by others and becomes a concrete object in reality. This has been very traumatic for Osgood as most of his history involves accidentally manifesting Grimms-Olduvai category horrors. For years he was an ongoing low-intensity dimensional fatigue event.

With training and control, Osgood can now manipulate what the creatures manifest as, forcing them into a specific non-plastic, non-plasmic organism that can itself be controlled. Unfortunately, Osgood has a bad habit of manifesting the mega-space planktonoids as the biological equivalent of cartoon women. This doesn't give them any specific abilities or knowledge. They come into existence naked and screaming like animals, and most are put down when they are found to be unstable. Despite looking like young thin girls, they are still barely sentient space planktonoids. A more disturbing problem arises, as one in twenty manifestations has mental capacity and can move and talk like a normal person, albeit in an alien language. These manifested beings very often demonstrate parapsychic powers of their own and tend to be violent Darwinistic creatures.

Osgood can send one 'away' but this takes a tremendous toll on him, and after a 'banishment' he will exhibit concussion-like symptoms and post-concussion trauma effects to his personality and memory.

2. Benjamin Tomas

Ben is a latent parapsychic whose power 'runs in the background' as he has no conscious control over it. Without considering his power, Tomas is a fairly regular Anglo-Nipponese man who is very cost-conscious and likes saving money, is single, and works as a personal assistant. His power manifests as randomly forcing a 'field of combativeness' around him. When in a stressful situation, his power will push people to become formally violent. Much like the comical trope of everyone in a scene breaking out into song and dance, people in proximity to Tomas will organize themselves into a literal fighting tournament, where the winner gets whatever the thing was that caused Tomas such intense stress.

The good news is that these fights, while violent and disruptive, tend to be not very dangerous. Most people don't know how to fight, so it becomes normal people, acting like they're in a fighting tournament, only using the skills they already have. People with high willpower or sense of self can escape this control, and cyborgs, parapsychics, and robots are immune to it. Knocking Tomas out will end the effect, and he gains no special powers and is not a fighter of any skill.

Tomas retains a normal life, though on the registry of parapsychics, and takes regular anti-parapsychic medications.

3. Anderson Kimble

Kimble is known for three things: germaphobia, OCD behavior, and a parapsychic ability to clean and sterilize an area or object. He currently works in the clean rooms at an arcanotech design and development lab as an inspector and cleanliness enforcer.

What makes this impressive is that using his hand towel and a spray bottle of antiseptic, Kimble has the ability to render an object or area completely and totally clean, faster than traditional methods, and more effectively on things that are normally resistant to sterilization processes. He makes good money cleaning electronic components, cybernetic implants, and biotech devices. Especially the sort of things that cannot be exposed to harsh chemicals, autoclaves, or directed UV/radiation treatment.

4. Sherman Matthewson

Matthewson has a staggeringly unusual parapsychic manifestation, fetish projection, and hair manipulation. When aroused by seeing the object of his fetish, women with very long hair, his power will manifest. This causes the woman's hair to be split into two long tails, one on each side of her head. Bows and ribbons are torn from clothing or available fabric. This almost always has a cascading effect, and once one woman has had her hair pigtailed, anyone with suitably long hair in his proximity will be hit with the same effect.

Once an activation threshold is met, Matthewson achieves orgasm and frequently passes out.

He is on the registry of parapsychic users and regularly takes anti-parapsychic medications. He also will tend to find places to live and work where long hair is uncommon. He has no skill with actually braiding or styling hair.

5. Yuri d'Israel

d'Israel is an older man of Russian/Arabic ethnicity and has a dangerous parapsychic power. It was disruptive to the point that he fled his home country and sought asylum in the Federation EuroZone including medical treatment. His power is uncontrolled fetish projection and internal amplification. When d'Israel sees a specific trigger, it causes his powers to manifest, drastically increasing his strength, agility, and durability. While this seems like not such a bad thing, he describes the effect as snorting a foot-long line of cocaine laced with amphetamines and erectile dysfunction drugs. He becomes agitated, excited, and can barely control himself. Some have likened it to the fictional character the Incredible Hulk, gaining tremendous and horrific power when angered. The difficulty for d'Israel the thing that triggers him is seeing a woman in her underwear.

The trigger is specific, a living woman, and her underwear. Advertisements for lingerie don't trigger the effect, nor does seeing a woman in regular clothing or completely nude. Seeing panties causes him to meth-hulk out. The world is lucky that he is a religious man, and uses his physical enhancement to get away from the object that has triggered his power, rather than pursue it. He currently lives in a Federation medical facility where he undergoes regular testing and takes anti-psyche meds.

6. Rahoba Corrino

Rahoba is considered one of the strangest, and least dangerous, uncontrolled parapsychics in the Federation. She is a middle-aged woman with a stress atavism that when triggered causes her to revert to a child-like, state and start hallucinating about kittens. This wouldn't be an issue except that everyone in proximity to Rahoba also shares in the hallucination. The more upset she was, the larger the effect, and the more powerful. A minor inconvenience might just trigger the appearance of a single kitten, where a full mental breakdown would herald a locust swarm of incredibly cute and completely harmless kittens.

The danger from her power comes from people stopping what they are doing, or suddenly reacting to the appearance of kittens. This is normally just time loss or productivity delays, but it can be vehicle crashes as people try to not run over kittens, or someone doing a demanding task suddenly stopping to interact with a magic kitten, or freaking out because there is a kitten in a place it shouldn't be. Areas shielded against psychotronic energies are protected from her manifestations, so kittens don't appear inside reactors. They do appear inside kitchens, inside sealed objects, and so forth.

Once her stress level reaches zero, Rahoba will fall asleep, and the kittens will dissipate.

7. Oakley Grant

Oakley Grant has what many consider to be the strangest and most tragic of parapsychic manifestations, he's turned himself into a sentient pirogi. Grant looks like a six-foot-tall Polish potato dumpling, but with a human face. His manifestation doesn't bother his mobility, ability to communicate or hold down an office job. It does make his life incredibly awkward as he is a sentient pirogi and people stare. His power has not manifested since his initial transformation and he currently works in a high-security clandestine services building, where he is considered a high-level secret.

He has been rigorously studied, and science has determined that aside from his face and manifested telekinesis, Grant is a 200 lb pork, onion, and potato dumpling. They have no idea how he works, how he exists, why the complete lack of organs doesn't bother him or impede his life. He eats a regular human diet and has a sexual preference for skinny blondes and redheads.

A disturbing fact is that Grant's 'bowel movements' amount to piles of normal pirogi. Regardless of what he eats, he produces 10 to 20 pork and onion pierogi. Blind studies have shown that these are considered better than normal pirogis, and Grant claims that they remind him of his mother's food when he was a kid.

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