1-Scratch itch

Cost-free to cheap, depending on the country

These simple nanos do nothing more then automatically scratch itches so you don't have to. Great for soldiers or police on parade, those with itches in embarrassing places, and anyone in a cast. It does not heal conditions like eczema, in fact it makes it worse to much worse but at least the itch is gone.

Critical failure-causes lots of low level pain as it scratches non itchy areas, can cause internal bleeding.

Legality-Normally legal for all.

2-Fix heart

Cost-moderate to very expensive, depending on the country

These nanos fix anything that goes wrong in the heart, from cleaning out fat deposits, to creating emergency heart valves if one breaks down, to keeping it beating properly.

Critical failure-attacks the heart, causing heart attack and death within an hour or less if not fixed.

Legality-normally legal for all, but some countries have minimum pricing to try and keep it out of the hands of the poor as it can extend life for 10 to 50 years depending on the general health of the person, and overpopulation is a bad idea.

3-Anti fat

Cost-expensive to really expensive, depending on the country

These nanos eat an excessive level of fat, preventing fatty deposits from forming in the body and keeping the person looking slim and svelte no matter how much he or she eats.

Critical failure-eats too much fat, risking causing the person to starve to death without constant eating.

Legality-legal with restrictions. Those with anorexia are banned from having these nanos implanted, and there is minimum pricing in most countries to keep them out of the hands of the poor as if properly used, they can double or even triple the lifespan of the person. Overpopulation is a bad idea.

4-White Cell

Cost-free to expensive depending on the country

These nanos act as extra white cells to deal with diseases, AIDS, and nanos gone rogue.

Critical failure-attacks the body's cells, mimicking the effects of certain cancers, with death certain within months if the nanos are not brought under control.

Legality-normally legal for all, as even harsh dictators rarely see large scale disease outbreaks as a good thing

5-Red Cell

Cost-free to expensive depending on the country.

These nanos act as extra red blood cells. Used to fix certain blood and circulation conditions.

Critical failure-Causes the body to produce too much blood resulting in painful swelling and joint pain.

Legality-Normally legal for all.

6-Nerve Cell

Cost-free to expensive depending on the country

These nanos fix nerve damage, letting the paralysed walk again within months and repairing lesser nerve damage within days to weeks.

Critical failure-causes pain to flare across the new nerves constantly.

Legality-normally legal for all.

7-Control nano

Cost-expensive to ridiculously expensive depending on the country.

These sinister nanos force a person to do what they are told by the controller of the nanos. They are fully aware, but cannot fight the nano effects. Sometimes these are used legally by governments in prisons and asylums to control the bad and the mad. Other times they are used illegally, by companies who force people to dress as robots and preform manual labour for little or no pay or force them into brothels and other such places. Rarely there have been other uses-making a girlfriend, wife, husband or boyfriend obedient, and in at least one case using them to replace a deceased son or daughter and act like the original, as well as extensive plastic surgery to look like the original one.

Critical failure-in this case, a critical failure is a very good thing for the affected one, as they regain their own free will, and generally a very bad and sometimes outright fatal thing for the controller of the nanos, as they either get the police sent after them or are beaten up or worse.

Legality-Ranges from legal for governments only to outright illegal for everyone, even governments, to have, depending on the country.

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