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April 20, 2019, 7:03 am

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7 Alternate Takes on Elementals


The Elemental is a well known and well established unit in the gaming universe, and they are invariably humanoid shaped hulks or amorphous blobs of the element they are composed of. This is lacking in imagination.

1. The Entite

The Entite is a luminous sphere that floats above the ground. It is five to eight feet wide, and it's color corresponds to it's elemental alignment. Rather than being made of a particular element, the entite is made of magical essence. It responds to commands and it's environment through unleashing it's internal power. An Earth Entite would be a glowing green sphere and it can trigger seismic events, landslides, earthquakes, and hurl chunks of the ground at foes.

The Entite is a Lawful Neutral Elemental.

2. Elemental Swarm

The Elemental swarm is similar to the Entite, but rather than being a clean glowing sphere, the swarm has a central internal point that generates light, but is surrounded by a 'swarm' of elemental chunks. These chunks move around, and they have some sort of function within the internal balance of forces inside the elemental. By moving these, it allows the Swarm to release ray attacks, or project elemental effects be ejecting them from it's body.

The Swarm is a Chaotic Neutral Elemental.

3. Elemental Fiend

An elemental fiend is a floating hermetic sigil, it's body composed of condensed elemental essence. Unlike the previous elementals, the fiend is not luminous, and is actual quite good at hiding even in plain sight. They are monochromatic, and can fade from sight as they see fit, with their alien intelligence. Like the entite, the fiend varies in size, and they effect largely the same field of powers and abilities. The more powerful the fiend it, the more complicated and ornate it's sigil form becomes.

The fiend is a lawful evil elemental.

4. Elemental Devil

The Elemental devil appears as a floating mask, ornate and colorful. It communicates in a variety of languages, and the expression on the mask changes with the general emotion of the devil. Like the other elementals, the devil floats, and projects it's powers in beam/ray form. They are capricious and violent beings that delight in destruction, harming others, and misleading those seeking magical power.

The devil is a chaotic evil elemental.

5. Elemental Souls

Appearing ghost like, elemental souls project the underworld equivalents of the elements. Hellfire, the waters of lethe, etc

The soul is a neutral evil elemental

6. Color Worms

Denizens of the elemental planes, the Color Worms vary greatly in size. They can be as small as human sized, or large enough to fight and devour dragons. Like other elementals, their color is a tip to their elemental alignment, and their size in an indicator of their strength.

The color worm is a true neutral elemental

7. Elemental Knights

Elemental appears as an armored warrior, color coded, and it's weapons deal elemental type damage. Elemental knights are artificially formed by magic, and are shaped by the will of the magician. Once formed and named, elemental knights can increase in power and become easier to summon

The elemental knight is a magic construct and will match the alignment of the summoner

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Comments ( 1 )
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Voted valadaar
May 2, 2019, 13:52
I like this one too - I have a thing for alternate forms of things, extensions beyond the original forms of things.

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