Abstract values and Concepts

  1. Glamour
    • Fascinated by Glamour: this is a dandy, bimbo or just a hoarder for jewellery and anything 'shiny'
    • Seduced by Glamour: this is someone constantly falling in love with anything 'shiny' often to their own grief, might go with a history of feeling depraved in luxuries or in terms of affection/love
    • Offended by Glamour: this may be a spiritual purist having a disdain for those only caring about outwards appearances or this is someone now disillusioned about glamour after being born to it/seduced by it
    • Frightened by Glamour: this is most likely someone intensely insecure about receiving public attention
  2. Power
    • Fascinated by Power: in other words this is the ambitious type
    • Seduced by Power: this is the low/common born clawing his/her way up to the world no matter what or once getting up there, will do everything to keep power in their grasps
    • Offended by Power: those who have been wronged by those in power or someone born in prestige but is disdain of own social circle in general
    • Frightened by Power: having already acquired a taste of power and found that it's more stress and unwanted responsibility rather than enjoyment and fulfilment
  3. Wealth
    • Fascinated by Wealth: this is a money hoarder or one who is concocting millions of entrepreneur ideas
    • Seduced by Wealth: this is someone who feels depraved materialistically
    • Offended by Wealth: a Communist born to a rich family for example
    • Frightened by Wealth: someone who has lost him/herself through getting rich and has woken up with such a realisation
  4. Knowledge/Lore
    • Fascinated by Knowledge/Lore: this is scholar, philosopher, mage, sage, hermit etc.
    • Seduced by Knowledge/Lore: unlikely that someone would be seduced by knowledge/lore in a general way but he/she may have a burning need to know a particular piece of knowledge/lore for personal reasons
    • Offended by Knowledge/Lore: again, this is probably a specific piece of knowledge/lore that hits a sore spot with the person unless this person comes from a society that condones illiteracy and lack of education
    • Frightened by Knowledge/Lore: probably need to make the case that this is someone who comes from a society that preaches that knowledge/lore is scary change that upsets the status quo and the status quo is some golden object that must be preserved at all costs
  5. Integrity/Doing good
    • Fascinated by Integrity/Doing Good: this may be a typical Knight, a philanthropist or just a morally upstanding person
    • Seduced by Integrity/Doing Good: this is someone whose desire to do good essentially outweighs his personal ability to fulfil his/her good intentions
    • Offended by Integrity/Doing Good: this is potentially a life cynic who believes that human nature is inherently bad
    • Frightened by Integrity/Doing Good: someone who's witnessed doing food as a façade for evil
  6. Justice
    • Fascinated by Justice: this is someone predisposed to becoming a policeman, a judge or a vigilante.
    • Seduced by Justice: likely goes with personal experience of deep injustice
    • Offended by Justice: someone who believes in might over rules potentially
    • Frightened by Justice: someone with a guilty conscience
  7. Equity
    • Fascinated by Equity: essentially what people call a Libra personality, wanting balance in everything
    • Seduced by Equity: someone with deep beliefs in collectivist school of thoughts such as Communism
    • Offended by Equity: someone with the belief that absolute equity is another form of non-equity
    • Frightened by Equity: this likely goes with a period of society upheaval and social ladder re-shuffling for someone with prestige
  8. Efficiency
    • Fascinated by Efficiency: someone very goal-oriented, has a great need/desire to do comprehensive planning
    • Seduced by Efficiency: a visionary of efficiency constantly wanting to make reforms on existing systems/operation modes with a grand vision to improving them
    • Offended by Efficiency: what people call a bum or those disgruntled about potential decrease in quality that comes with mass production
    • Frightened by Efficiency:
  9. Social ties
    • Fascinated by Social ties: this is someone who is social butterfly, party animal etc.
    • Seduced by Social ties: this is someone with a history of being neglected and not connected to others, creating in them a burning need to be connected socially
    • Offended by Social ties: this is basically an introvert being thrown into a crowd constantly and getting sick of it
    • Frightened by Social ties: someone used to seclusion or simple social interactions and suddenly thrown into a different setting with complex social relationships
  10. The Path of Least Effort
    • Fascinated by the Path of Least Effort: this is someone with a personal value for convenience and comfort and often with an astute mind
    • Seduced by the Path of Least Effort: this is someone who is often into avoiding reality and using delay tactics when faced with a difficulty, usually comes from a history of being internal insecure and repressed
    • Offended by the Path of Least Effort: this is someone Fascinated by Efficiency or more likely Ascerticism
    • Frightened by the Path of Least Effort: someone whose interest would be greatly upset by the result of a particular Path of Least Effort, unlikely that the fear would hold on a general basis unless it's entirely irrational


  1. Passion
    • Fascinated by Passion: a typical example would be those in love for love's sake
    • Seduced by Passion: those who commits crimes motivated by (thwarted) love
    • Offended by Passion: someone who believes in moderation in everything and sees passion as being taking an emotion and being overboard with it, might or might not have personal history to back this up
    • Frightened by Passion: someone who has experienced first hand what disastrous result can be driven by passion either as perpetrator or victim
  2. Happiness
    • Fascinated by Happiness:
    • Seduced by Happiness:
    • Offended by Happiness:
    • Frightened by Happiness:
  3. Misery
    • Fascinated by Misery:
    • Seduced by Misery:
    • Offended by Misery:
    • Frightened by Misery:
  4. Anger/Vengeance
    • Fascinated by Anger/Vengeance:
    • Seduced by Anger/Vengeance:
    • Offended by Anger/Vengeance:
    • Frightened by Anger/Vengeance:
  5. Loneliness
    • Fascinated by Loneliness:
    • Seduced by Loneliness :
    • Offended by Loneliness:
    • Frightened by Loneliness:
  6. Confusion
    • Fascinated by Confusion:
    • Seduced by Confusion:
    • Offended by Confusion:
    • Frightened by Confusion:
  7. Shame
    • Fascinated by Shame:
    • Seduced by Shame:
    • Offended by Shame:
    • Frightened by Shame:
  8. Guilt
    • Fascinated by Guilt:
    • Seduced by Guilt:
    • Offended by Guilt:
    • Frightened by Guilt:
  9. Love
    • Fascinated by Love:
    • Seduced by Love:
    • Offended by Love:
    • Frightened by Love:
  10. Hate
    • Fascinated by Hate:
    • Seduced by Hate:
    • Offended by Hate:
    • Frightened by Hate:

Personal Mannerisms and Attitudes

  1. Aggression
    • Fascinated by Aggression: someone with an inborn taste for watching scenes of violence would be a good example.
    • Seduced by Aggression: probably goes with some type of orcish culture where aggression earns you a high pecking order in the society.
    • Offended by Aggression: peace lovers
    • Frightened by Aggression: typical example would be someone who was a prior victim of physical violence
  2. Warmth
    • Fascinated by Warmth:
    • Seduced by Warmth:
    • Offended by Warmth:
    • Frightened by Warmth:
  3. Arrogance/Condescension
    • Fascinated by Arrogance/Condescension:
    • Seduced by Arrogance/Condescension:
    • Offended by Arrogance/Condescension:
    • Frightened by Arrogance/Condescension:
  4. Submission
    • Fascinated by Submission:
    • Seduced by Submission:
    • Offended by Submission:
    • Frightened by Submission:
  5. Gregariousness
    • Fascinated by Gregariousness:
    • Seduced by Gregariousness:
    • Offended by Gregariousness:
    • Frightened by Gregariousness:
  6. Indifference
    • Fascinated by Indifference:
    • Seduced by Indifference:
    • Offended by Indifference:
    • Frightened by Indifference:
  7. Formality
    • Fascinated by Formality:
    • Seduced by Formality:
    • Offended by Formality:
    • Frightened by Formality:
  8. Gaiety
    • Fascinated by Gaiety:
    • Seduced by Gaiety:
    • Offended by Gaiety:
    • Frightened by Gaiety:
  9. Humor
    • Fascinated by Humor:
    • Seduced by Humor:
    • Offended by Humor:
    • Frightened by Humor:
  10. Courtesy
    • Fascinated by Courtesy:
    • Seduced by Courtesy:
    • Offended by Courtesy:
    • Frightened by Courtesy:

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