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October 8, 2008, 12:46 am

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Cheka Man

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30 More Bottles of Wine


A list of 30 more wines, none of which are vinted by humans, elves, or dwarves.

1. Troglodyte Swamp Wine
The Troglodyte is a swamp dwelling reptilian humanoid, noticably less advanced and sophisticated than Lizardfolk. The trogs are capable of brewing their own wines, since fruit and berries can be found in the swamp. This wine that they vint is rather foul, having a wide variety of flavor as each batch is painfully unique. It doesnt help that these primitive vinters add anything to the mix, including small animals, insects, hallucinogens, and raw alcohol. The only thing that Swamp Wine is sure to do is knock you off of your feet.

2. Wine of the Abyss
Deep in the untold layers of the Abyss is a massive vinyard, sprawling over several thousand acres. The focus of this massive plantation is the palatial fortress home of the six-armed, six-breasted, legless Maralith demon Rhaokja. This mistress of the vine keeps thousands of demonic and humanoid thralls working in her vinyards, lit by an artificial green sun. The grapes are gathered at regular intervals and pressed in gargantuan bronze and glass presses and vinted and allowed to rest sometimes centuries before being opened. This wine is the common tablewine of the Lords of the Damned and the Abyss. It is also traded among diabolists in very excellent standing with their demonic masters. The general exchange rate is three souls for a regular bottle, to more than 100 for an exquisite vintage.

3. Lizardfolk Grom
The primitive lizardfolk, swamp and fen dwellers, discovered fermentation centuries ago, and have been vinting their distinctive Grom ever since. Made from a single type of golden-red river berry, this wine is raw, strong, and has an almost overwhelming bouquet. If cut with water and a common palatable white wine, this Grom is an good drink. The lizardfolk do a small amount of trade with it.

4. Wight Black
A dark wine vinted from shadowlands grapes

5. Gnollish Gore-Wine
Gnolls, cowardly and opportunistic are no strangers to the arts of fermentation and the consumption of alcohol. Only their laziness prevents greater spread of Gore-Wine, which is a mized blessing. While Gore-Wine leaves gnolls in a quiet stupor, it requires blood in it’s making. Unpalatable to most races, Gore-Wine is savory to carnivorous races, such as orcs, trolls and the like. Gore-Wine by scent alone can make an elf sick and it is speculated that it would be poisonous to one of the fair folk.

6. Wine of Purity
The wine of purity is a very rare vintage as it is only created when a unicorn blesses a vessel of pure water held in the hands of a pure-hearted virgin. This wine is generally avoided, despite it’s legendary taste. The reason is that consuming purity reminds the consumer of that which is impure, ranging from what they have consumed to their deeds. The first vessel of this wine was served to a murderous step-mother who murdered her husband, her daughter delivering the drink. Confronted with her evil deeds, the woman took her own life with a steak knife.

7. Trollish Grappa
Trolls happen to inhabit the sandy loamy regions where grapes will grow wild, which is an uncommon thing. Tre trolls long ago learned that it they gathered these grapes and smushed them in a stone vessel and let it sit, it would ferment from wild pollens and yeasts. The resultant slurry of mush, raw wine, and scum could be gulped down to produce a drunken stupor. This raw wine, laced with wild yeasts and other bacteria and contaminants would make most creatures ill, but causes the nigh invulnerable trolls little more the drunkeness and excessive gas.

8. Harpy Skyberry
Harpies have a dismal lot in life, but some have garnered the secret of vinting, and take to gathering fruit and berries, slashing and crushing the mass into pulp and letting rain water collect with it. This skyberry wine is rather foul, and spoils quickly. Harpies will consume it on rainy days before it is washed away. Explorers on high cliffs might fight stone basins filled with rotting fruit and water, surrounded by stone perches and bird poop. The stuff is slightly consumable, but the makers are frequently not too far away.

9. Cauldron-Born Wine
It is well known that hags dwell in the poorly lit and unexplored places of the world, some are little more than reviled human witches, others are more malicious denizens of the fae. These true hags are rightly known for their cauldron work, mystic insight, and the like. They are much less known for their fermenting of fruit into Cauldron-Born wine. This wine has a complex and rather unpleasant taste, and is never consumed more than once. Anyone who drinks the wine becomes a zombie-like automaton under the sway of the hag or fae closest at hand. It takes powerful magic, or an antidote brewed by the hag who made the wine to reverse the affliction.

10. Dryad’s Milk
Wine expressed from dryad tits

11. Heap Wine
Shambling Heaps, Moundkings, Elder Piles are all names for semi-sentient relatives of Loru Valsharris, treefolk, and dryads. These roaming ‘cleaners’ do flower and fruit like most plants do, producing head sized gourds that hang ponderously from their bodies. Most of the gourds fall of or burst, but a few hang tough, long enough for the fluids inside to ferment, producing a tough gourd full of raw fruit wine. This wine varies from Heap to Heap, the flavor and complexity matching the heap, it’s main plant constituents, and disposition.

12. Satyr’s Irresistable Wine
The fae wine of the Satyrs is said to cause those who drink to be afflicted with the irresistable urge to dance. this is really not true, the wine, vinted from rare grapes and berries found only in the depths of the Fae realms, causes the drinker to become easily influenced and slightly hallucinatory. Add this alcoholic suggestion to legendary satyr musical skill, and debauchery, it is little wonder that people attribute magical powers to this dark and sweet wine.

13. Wine of the Deep
elder wine vinted by Aboleth slaves

14. Stranglers Wine
A wine exuded and collected from a Vine Horror

15. Yuan-Ti Mammal Wine

16. Werewine
A lycanthropic wine of frenzy

17. Wight Necrogenic Wine

18. Slaad Gray Astral Wine

19. Vampire Vinae Vitae

20. Ogre Grappa

21. Kuo-Toa Fungal Wine

22. Wine of the Titans

23. Fomorian One-Eyed

24. Shadar-Kai Shadeberry

25. Shadar-Kai Black

26. Rakshasan Hell-Wine

27. Justice

28. Temperance

29. Fortitude

30. Courage

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Comments ( 6 )
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Cheka Man
July 15, 2012, 17:11
Again, not completed so the vote will have to vote.
July 15, 2012, 19:43
I'm not going to finish it, it's been rotting in work too long and the thread of inspiration is gone
Voted Cheka Man
July 15, 2012, 21:37
4, -1 for not being finished. It would be a 5 if it was finished.
Voted Kassy
July 18, 2012, 7:22
In the words of Father Jack: Drink!

Maybe take out the ones without a description/take them out when the community/you have made one for each?

Voted MysticMoon
July 31, 2012, 3:04
Only voted
Voted valadaar
December 19, 2013, 10:17
Well, this one has to get on my list of things to add to. Too bad its a long list :(

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