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September 23, 2015, 2:40 pm

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29/30 Legal and Illegal uses for a scarf


The humble scarf can be used for a large number of things, some legal,others not

1-For warmth

The most simple use for a scarf is what it was made for, to keep warm in cold weather.

2-To lower the risk of snow blindness

By cutting a couple of slits into it and wrapping it around the eyes, it can reduce the amount of glare from sunlight on snow or water from entering the eyes,.

3-To pick up something

In artic weather, metal sticks to unprotected skin, but not if there is a scarf between the skin and the metal. It can also be used for a brief time to handle hot things although that might burn it.

4-To swat insects

If flies are being a problem, this can be used to kill them.

5-As a draft excluder

Some places are drafty and shoved into a gap, a scarf can block a draft.

6-To strain water

A scarf can be used to strain algae, mud and the like out of water, although the water will still most likely need to be boiled before it can be drunk safely.

7-To tie someone's hands

If the PCs are kidnapping someone or need to tie someone up to stop them raising the alarm or hurting themselves or others, a scarf can be used.

8-To gag somebody

If the PCs need to stop someone calling for help, a scarf stuffed into their mouth could do the trick.

9-To blindfold somebody

If the PCs need to stop a kidnap victim seeing where they are going, a scarf makes a good blindfold.

10-To strangle someone

A scarf can be wrapped around someone's neck and used to throttle them, and unlike other weapons like swords, knives, clubs or guns, can be legally carried anywhere, even onto a plane. In real life the Thugs carried out their murders with a scarf.

11-To carry secret messages

A message can be put on a scarf that for example, only reveals itself when the scarf has the flame of a candle run close to it.

12-As a mask

If the PCs are committing a crime and do not want witnesses to identify them they can tie scarfs around their faces.

13-To avoid suffocation

If the PCs are in a burning building, they can wrap scarfs around their faces to keep smoke out of their noses and throats.

14-To wipe away fingerprints

If the PCs are committing a crime and do not want to leave their fingerprints around to identify them, they can wipe the fingerprints away with a scarf.

15-As a bandage

If a PC gets a cut, in a sword fight for example, then a scarf can be used as a bandage to prevent loss of blood.

16-To support a broken arm

If a PC has a fall or a fight and breaks an arm, a scarf can be used as an emergency support until the PC can get proper medical attention.

17-As a sling

If the PCs have access to stones, then a scarf can be used to fling them at their foes. The humble sling is one of the oldest weapons in the world.

18-As a symbol

A scarf in a certain colour and worn a certain way might be the secret symbol of a secret society and is used by the members as an identifying mark.

19-As a belt

If somebody's belt has been cut in a sword fight, then a scarf can be used to keep their trousers up.

20-As a signalling device

If the PCs need to send a signal, a scarf can be set on fire and waved around. It might mean the difference between being rescued or not.

21-As a swag bag

A scarf could be tied to a stick and have a few things put inside them to make them easier to carry.

22-To ward off bug bites

In a place full of biting insects, a scarf can be used to keep them away from somebody's face

23-As a dog lead

If the PCs have a dog and want to keep it under control then a scarf can be used as a lead.

24-To drug somebody with

If the PCs have access to a sleeping drug, then they can pour it onto a scarf and use it to drug someone to kidnap them or operate on them.

25-To Mark territory with

In a city de facto ruled by various violent criminal gangs, different coloured scarves are used to mark which gangs control which city blocks. You mess with them at your peril.

26- To help pull someone out of quicksand with

If one or more PCs are together and one of them gets caught in quicksand, a scarf can be used to help pull the stuck PC free.

27-As a booby trap

If the scarf is tied across a door, corridor or path at ankle height it could trip up anybody sneaking around in the dark.

28-To cast a spell with

A scarf could have a spell cast on it that would be cast when the scarf is waved about, and it could be an attack spell, a defence spell or some other kind of spell.

29-As armour

A scarf could have hidden chain mail inside it as covert armour to fend off would be assassins.

30-Add your own use here

Additional Ideas (2)

30. to secure the steering yoke of a vehicle so that it travels in a straight line after the driver debarks and places a heavy object on the accelerator or throttle mechanism (or wacks the horses on the bum)

31. Historical uses have been to prevent chafing around the by soldiers wearing armor and by WW1 aviators to prevent chafing as they constantly swiveled their heads watching for enemy planes.

2015-09-25 11:08 AM » Link: [8294#95044|text]

32. For a handfasting ceremony. This is the wedding ceremony where the priestess ritually ties the two betrothed's hands together while blessing their union.


2015-10-14 11:14 PM » Link: [8294#95091|text]
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Comments ( 2 )
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Voted Scrasamax
September 26, 2015, 0:41
Exactly what it says on the cover, 30 things to do with a scarf
Voted Moonlake
September 26, 2015, 20:45
A sterling example of a 3, I personally always like subs to do with utility items


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