Ioun stones are from Jack Vance's amazing fantasy novels "The Dying Earth". They are magic stones that circle and follow super-duper high level mages. They seem to be a power source and while highly sought after, they are ill defined. They have existed in D&D sinc the early days but are a bit different, .They orbit the head of the owner and provide a benefit, they tend to be high level and honestly are a lot like ring benefits. Here are 30. may usable for other systems.

1) Pink d20> once a day you my add +1 to any D20 roll BEFORE you roll the die. By far this is the most common type of stone, accounting for 20% of all found

2) Red D20> add +1 to d20 roll, after roll is made

3) Opal egg> once per day , on command will recharge a single use Ioun stone

4) brown 4 sided die> once a day provides 1 temporary hit point for 1 turn or until used> p to ten of these may be stacked and activated at the same time

5) shaped red cross> heals d3 , as a reaction w a 20 foot range. This means that you can use this in reaction to someone taking damage so you could stop someone from dying.

6) shaped like a brown boot> 3x daily you can double movement for 1 round

7) shaped ivory fang>makes owner immune to the gaze an level draining of vampires

8 )shaped golden battle ax >You make , 3/daily,a melee attack in reaction,at/any time , you may only do this once a round for 3 rounds.

9) shaped silver sword> once a day you may make 3 melee attack in one round

10) black Hand> allows the casting of 2 mage spells in one round once daily

11) )shaped as white praying cleric> allows a cleric to cast any cleric healing spell at a range of 30 feet this includes cure disease,cure blindness etc.

12) shaped as gray sword> once a day may make a melee attack at a range of 30 feet

13) shaped smoky black 10 sided die. Once a day can make a 50 foot diameter fog that adjusts missile fire -2 to hit

14)Shaped smoky black caltrop> once per week it creates enuf caltrops to cover a 10'/10" area, these are permanent and may be sold for 2 gp.

15) shaped as blue 12 sided> upon command this can turn into one of the following>

> work hammer
> crow bar
> sleeping bag
> level
> horse brush
> bar of soap
> cooking pot
>coffee pot

16> Shaped white pillow>where ever and how ever you sleep you are in extreme comfort and double healing rate

17)  red megaphone> You gain the ability to have your voice heard loud and clear in any conditions and any language.This does not give you the ability to understand , only to be heard.

18) shaped Blue shield>you feel absolutely no pain of any kind, this does not change your HP or how you lose them. This has dangers and many consider this cursed.,

19) shaped purple suit of plate> you take one less HP from all damaging weapons or spell.

20) shaped brown boot> for 1 hour a day you can walk over anything(water, lava,acid etc) you are 1 inch above ant surface, does not give you any climbing ability.

21) shaped white star> these iouns are a little different and are called group stones. The come in many types but most orbit around 5 players providing =1 to hit or +1 to damage or +1 toAC or +1 to all 5 being orbited

22) shaped like any other stones> This cursed stone actually has an advantage The frst day you have it, missile weapons fired at you have a 25% miss chance. After this opponents must make a save vrs paralysis or must attack you w missile weapons in their hands. Useful for plate wearing fighters can keep the wizard safer.
Negated by Remove Curse but until then you cannot get rid of it

23) shaped tan scroll> You can mentally create a map of your surroundings that is etched into your head for 48 hours. There is no need to think about it and every detail of what you can see normally is put in your brain.The 48 hours is always rolling hour by hour. Upon command , the stone will stop recording and the full 48 hours is accessible, but no new info will be erased the 48 hours. You also gain +1 to saves vrs mind effecting spells and abilities, such as charms and fears

24) shaped green spyglass> 3/day you may make a verbal command(" Open my Eyes"") you may see one beings current HP.. This counts as you action for 1 round

25> shaped pink road sign that says " State and Main"> Once every 3 days you may ask it a question that only has 2 answers and you will know the right answer. if there are more than 2 possibilities it's function will fail.

26) shaped as pink ear> This group stone can make 10 beings make absolutely no sound but allows the group to talk to each other 

27) shaped teal teardrop> you are immune to ingested poison and alcohol.

28) shaped white rabbits foot>this group stone can circle up to 10 bipedal humanoids. they leave the tracks of deer.

29) shaped yellow sword> 3x daily you may make an extra attack in reaction to being attacked or an opponents more in your melee threat range. You my only make 1 such attack per round. Your attack goes off before your opponent can do anything else.

30> large flat gray disk(unusually large fr an Ioun stone)> Once per day activates for 1 hour, flying down to your feet to provide a safe, secure stepping stone. You can walk on water, quicksand or mountainous terrain safely. The only restriction is that the 1 foot round disk must have the same size surface under it.

31) rose 4 sided die> makes the illusion on you that you are a frail old wizard in pink robes that is heavily wounded

32) Red wooden apples> up to 3 normal arrows can be stored in it for use, It must be loaded to function and the arrows shrink. Once per round ,as an instant reaction, one arrow can be fired (this does not in any way top you from taking actions). the arrow has a 50% chance of hitting doing normal arrow damage.

33) coiled orange fire hose> On command. this stone can suck up 10.000 gallons or water. This water can be held and released later. It takes 20 rounds to empty or fill . The only change to the water is that it is non-drinkable but not poisonous. Prized by fire departments and` farmers everywhere.

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