1. Knight of the Living Dead

This knight is hardly a brave man, he is well versed in how to run and hide from hordes of the undead by barricading himself inside a building with a plucky group of survivors.

2. The Saturday Knight Special

He got armor blue and cold, and he aint good for nothing but putting a man six feet in a hole.

3. Friday Knight Lights

Not really knights, but a bunch of squires and pages who have armor and lances and joust for the local crowd, the local girls decorate themselves with pastry toppings while nude.

4. The Knight Owl

Has an owl as a heraldic device, does everything after the sun goes down.

5. Fright Knight

He's a knight with the ability to cast a single spell, Fear, and he uses it to good effect.

6. Heat of the Knight

A Black Knight who investigates crimes in small rural communities, often facing off against the locals as much as trying to solve the crime.

7. Starry Knight

The Starry Knight is a post-impressionist painter famous for his use of pattern and color. Also, missing an ear.

8. M. Knight Shamalama-what's his name

The M. Knight is also known as the Twist-ending Knight. You never jousted me, he says, raising his visor to reveal the face of his opponent, you were always jousting against yourself mwahahaha.

9. 30 Days of Knight

This is a band of Knight-Errants who sweep across the land as a plague. They are all vampires and hide inside their dark armor.

10. Knight of the Long Knives

An lawful evil Knight, he is known for breaking windows and killing all followers of a specific religion, especially at night.

11. Knight Watch

The Captain of the City Watch was knighted for heroism, and now he is a knight who minds the night watch.

12. Prom Knight

The highest-ranking son of the nobles and the wealthy, crowned with laurels and granted the hand of the Prom Queen, a ceremonial position. Declared at the coming of age ceremony.

13. Knight at the Opera

He can sing better than he can joust, and he can joust very well.

14. Three Dog Knight

The Three Dog Knight is a wandering musician and some aren't sure if he is a knight or not, but he has the lance and the shield and the horse, and his songs are weird and make little sense.

15. Date Knight

The Date Knight is the landed noble who is looking for a bride to be, so is constantly out on the town wooing up to 25 to 30 women at a time.

16. Blackest Knight

He has black armor, is black himself, is a Blackguard/Black Knight, and his device is a black bat against a black tower on a black field.

17. Knight at the Museum

He was supposed to be a sage, or curator at a museum, but ended up thrust into armor and into defense of the kingdom. He remains a curator, until danger threatens.

18. Dark Knight of the Soul

This Knight is a Harbinger and only appears when the hero is at their absolute lowest point.

19. Dark and Stormy Knight

He like the rain.

20. Oh Holy Knight

He really likes the Winter Solstice

21. Silent Knight

The Silent Knight is mute, has Boots of Stealth, and a Cloak of Muted Whispers

22. The Knight Shift

These Knights man the garrison and guard the royalty after hours.

23. One Knight Stand

This Knight will only make one pass at a tournament and then leaves.

24. All Knight Long

He has tremendous stamina, and no matter how many passes at the list, his lance never droops.

25. The Knight Stalker

He is convinced that there are supernatural shenanigans afoot, so this knight dons a watchman's coat and attempts to sleuth out crimes, conspiracies, and cryptids.

26. Girl's Knight Out

Seems like a regular guy, but is completely on the inside with the ladies of the court and is their escort and chaperone.

27. Night Knight

He tucks people before they go to sleep, making sure they don't have bad dreams.

28. Mid-Knight

He's really average, pretty much right in the middle.

29. Last Knight

He isn't the last, but he's very mysterious, so everyone is always asking him what he's been up to. What did you do, Last Knight?

30. What a Knight

He's the guy to hang out with, especially if you want some stories to tell and a hangover for the ages.

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