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August 22, 2014, 3:37 pm

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30 Gladiators


Thirty Gladiators battleing away in the arena in front of you

1-The Willing

Whilst historically the vast majority of gladiators have been slaves with no say whatsoever in their choice of occupation, or else free men who joined up as their only possible way out of poverty, this man was rich and seemingly had a promising career as an officer in the Imperial Legions ahead of him, yet threw it all away to volunteer as a gladiator, much to the utter disgust of his family who cut off his inheritance. Nobody forced or blackmailed him into it, nor did he join whilst of unsound mind or not knowing what he was doing. He joined for the chance of fame and the promise of some of the prize money. Whilst like his fellow gladiators he had to take the gladiatorial oath, is locked up at night and even occasionally chained whilst being transported to the arena, he would not escape if he could do so with no penalty. He fights with the crest of his noble family on his shield and a noble longsword, and actually enjoys fighting and killing despite the danger that he is in when in the arena. His family have grown ever more estranged from him as his fame and wealth grows.

2-The Famous

At first a mere slave like most gladiators, he fought so well and dispatched so many of his challengers that he has become one of the most famous gladiators in the entire country. He has been moved as a result to the capital city and often fights in front of the Imperial Family. Here the fights are far more likely to result in death fort the loser since both the Emperor and the crowd are known for their bloodthirstiness. However, the food is better, the sleeping accommodation is better-no straw to sleep on, instead a bed fit for a noble, he gets to make love to many of his female fans, and best of all there is at least a chance that one day the Emperor will be so impressed with him that he will grant him a wooden sword and his freedom. His wounds that he often picks up in the ferocious fights are tended with care by the arena medicus, and his owner treats him well and even shares a small part of the prize money with him, as he is worth a lot of money to him. He fights with the finest armor and weapons and is well trained with the sword, trident and spear.

3-The Spartacus

This slave was once an officer in an army that fought against the Empire, and not just a junior officer either, but a colonel. Taken as a prisoner of war like many gladiators, he had time to rip off his epaulettes first before being captured,and none of his men betrayed his true identity to his foes. His general declined to do the same thing, and was paraded through the streets of the Empire's capital in an Imperial Triumph, before being ceremonially strangled and cremated on a pyre in front of the Imperial Palace. The former colonel wants revenge and is planning to help his fellow gladiators to escape. But he has bigger plans then that; he wants to create an army of freed gladiators, freed slaves and those amongst the poor and the downtrodden who will join him, and then wreak havoc on the Empire from inside. Ultimately he wants to capture the Emperor himself and have him strangled and cremated. He knows that the large numbers of slaves and poor people in the Empire could be it's downfall, if they could be organized into an army. Until then he fights with the gladius that he used when in his country's army and bides his time.

4-The Trainer

Enslaved like so many gladiators, after two decades and many, many fights the Emperor granted him the wooden sword and his freedom. But he knew little more then the gladiatorial arena and didn't want to go back to fighting in it. So he signed onto the staff of a gladiatorial training school and now he trains new gladiators how to fight, both by pointing out the basic kill zones on a board, and by personally fighting them when they are more advanced in their training with wooden weapons. He normally *beats* them, and then points out to them that if it was a real fight in the arena, they would either be dead or at least at the mercy of what the crowd thinks about them. Although he was once a slave himself, he now has a contempt for slaves, but it does not stop him from doing his job of training them to the best of his ability. He is well paid and fully trusted with the keys to the cells and the school's armoury. The Spartacus knows that he must be defeated for his revolt to be successful and that there is no chance of him willingly joining it.

5-The Emperor

The other gladiators dread it when

6-The Duelist

7-The Captured Soldier

8-The Injured

9-The Comedian

10-The Trainee

11-The Untrained

12-The Beast Fighter

13-The Brigand

14-The Skater

Additional Ideas (3)

The Berserker
Never draws first blood, but enters a blood-rage as soon as their own blood is spilled. Very hard to defeat.

2014-10-12 11:01 PM » Link: [6733#92211|text]
The Maximus
Not only did he rise to fame in the fighting pit, but his rebellion towards his slave masters only makes him more popular. He is known for resenting the crowd for its violence, which only makes them love him more for his mercy. Not every gladiator can be a Maximus.

2014-10-12 11:34 PM » Link: [6733#92212|text]
#17: The Titan
One of the largest men ever seen fighting in the arena, The Titan prefers to wield weapons capable of bashing dents in heads and armor- usually of the extremely large variety. The fight officials had to ask him to tone down on the amount of armor he was shuffling around in- even from behind the smaller fighters were having trouble even irritating him with their puny blows.

They still haven't found a horse large enough to seat him.

2014-11-17 06:06 PM » Link: [6733#92663|text]
Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane? :)

2014-11-17 06:16 PM » Link: [6733#92664|text]
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Cheka Man
August 22, 2014, 15:37
Update: I'm making this viewable as maybe others can help me with it.
October 12, 2014, 8:47
The Cultest?
October 12, 2014, 8:55
The Muse-touched
The Quick(very small)
The Saint?(maybe)
The Paragon

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