1-City Ship

The HMS Tenochtitlan is a massive city-ship twenty miles wide and ten miles long that sails the oceans, trading where possible, raiding should peaceful trading be turned down, it's crew surviving partly on the fruits of the sea and partly on the vegetables grown within the ship, and on special days, the meat from the livestock kept aboard whose excrement helps fertilize the orchards and fields within the ship, as well as the food that they trade for or raid for. Because of the sheer size of the vessel and the number of cannons it has, even the largest warships can only damage it instead of sinking it. Discipline on board is strict; it has to be to keep crime and disease at bay. Serious offenders are flogged and certain offenses like murder or mutiny are punished with the gallows. With no room on the ship to bury bodies within it, and with cremation ruled out due to the fire danger it would pose, the dead are weighted and slung overboard after their funeral into the sea. The rubbish is also generally thrown overboard as well, and sharks follow the ship constantly to feed on the rubbish and dead bodies slung overboard.

2-Prison Galley

The HMP Hard Time is one of the most dreaded prisons of all, where the lifers and the worst sex offenders are sent, where they spend their days chained to the oars, their benches having toilets (with toilet paper) to avoid disease spreading quickly through the ship. Their leg muscles are withered, as they only get a day every month to exercise on deck at gunpoint, but their arm muscles are immensely strong from all the rowing they do back and forth for hours on end, whipped if they slow down without permission, carrying paying passengers to and fro, day after day and often night after night. Their only release is when they are deemed too old or weak to row any further and are thrown overboard in the middle of the ocean miles from land to drown.

3-Lizard Pirate Ship

The Sun of the Seas was a trading vessel from the lands of the Lizard People, until it's harsh captain was murdered by mutineers along with his officers. Knowing their lives would be forfeit back in the lands of their birth, they became pirates, preying on the warm blood humans and leaving their fellow lizards alone. They are merciless even by pirate standards, leaving no human alive except for babies, who they put ashore somewhere where the baby will soon be found by humans. Even the hardest pirate has no real desire to slay tiny babies. Anyone old enough to identify them is slaughtered and thrown overboard, and the ship is looted and either towed into a friendly harbor and sold cut price to those who don't ask any questions, or if it is too recognizable, is scuttled or set alight to burn to the ground. Because they leave no survivors and don't prey upon their own kind, very few attempts have been made to capture them as the authorities either don't know they exist or turn a blind eye to their ravages carryed out upon the disliked warm-bloods.

4-Company Seven Master

The Holy Erishkigal is one of the largest warships of the De Madden Company, with the finest cannons (no less then five rows of them on each side) grapple-cannons that fire hooks on the ends of strong rope into ships as a boarding tactic, six inches of armour on the sides and every deck, and a larger then normal contingent of Company Marines on board armed with cutlasses and triple-muskets. Discipline is strict as might be expected, but the pay is good, far more then on board the average Company merchant ship, and the press gang only rarely has to be resorted to. Only a Kraken the size of Big Red or even larger would have a chance of pulling the ship down with his or her tentacles.

5-Mutinous aircraft carrier

Because of constant ill treatment, a large number of the pilots and crew of an aircraft carrier named The Powerful have mutinied, murdered their officers or thrown them overboard without life jackets, and are sailing along extracting food, fuel and money from seaside towns by threatening air strikes on the towns if their demands are not met. The admirals are desperate to deal with the situation but fear further mutinies and the sheer power of the vessel and it's thirty fighters with their nose-mounted cannons, bombs and missiles.

6-Silver Ship

The Crew of the HMS Silver all wear dark glasses for a very good reason. The ship has been painted silver, except for the ship's figurehead and stern lanterns that are made of real silver. As well as cannons all along the sides, it has mirrors on deck that when uncovered can set sails and rope on fire and can even burn dry wooden decking at close range, as long as the sun is shining. When the sun shines, anyone without dark glasses is going to find it hard even to look at the HMS Silver to aim at or board her, whilst her own crew have no such problems.

7-Minimite Battleship

To the Minimites, people the size of ants, this battleship, the Proud One, is the pride of their fleet and Bismarck-sized, but to ordinary people the great shells it fires are the size of and no deadlier then ordinary bullets, whilst it's smaller weapons like the deck-mounted machine guns can do little more then cut full-sized human skin. Six feet long and two feet wide, a human could sink it by pushing it hard enough to capsize it, although given the power of it's main armament of eight major guns capable of turning 360 degrees and elevating 45 degrees, it is still capable of outright killing a full-sized human so should be treated with respect.

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