1-Elven rune-charm

This delicately made charm has the elvish rune for friendship upon it, and shows other elves that the bearer somehow showed themselves to be a true friend of the elvish race, either through an act of heroism or through helping elves when they were in great need of assisstance. Places closed by the elves to other races might be opened by the bearer of this charm, unless there is a war on or the place is extremely secret even by Elvish standards. At the very least, an Elf is much more likely to talk to somebody who shows this to them.

2-Moonlight Map

A normal map in daylight or lamplight, in moonlight a new silver map appears that points out the location of some treasure, Elven holy place, secret pass through the mountains or other such thing.

3-Elven mail

Made of the finest mithril, it is light enough to put on by oneself and is covered with cloth like a shirt so it does not look as if one is wearing armour at all. An assassin will not know until he or she tries to strike you with a weapon that you are in fact very well armoured indeed.

4-Silver Sword

Whilst not magical in itself and rather brittle, this weapon is very good at killing werewolves, wraiths, vampires and the like, some of which can only be harmed by silver weapons. It can even slay a lich; if that is, you can get close enough to the lich to stab it, which is the hard part.

5-Elven herbs

It is up to the GM exactly what these do; they can heal wounds, fight infection, cure disease, prevent pregnancy or do whatever within reason the GM thinks they should do.

6-Death ring

Looking like a plain iron ring, if somebody dies and is buried wearing this, it cannot be reanimated and so you will never have to face the decomposing body of your dead friend reanimated by some hateful necromancer and sent against the living. Note; resurrection magic will not work either whilst the body has this on. Whilst the wearer is alive the ring can be taken on and off with ease,; after death it fuses magically to the finger.

7-Elven snufflehound
When properly trained, this silver-furred dog with a somewhat large nose can smell the secent of something or someone from many miles away, and is far better at tracking then a bloodhound is. It will also come to the defence of it's master and it has a really strong bite.

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