To the Fussy, no matter how good the food is and how well it is cooked it is never quite good enough, and the Fussy is never quite satisfied with the food that leaves the kitchen. Fortunately for the kitchen staff, he is not the kind of chef that screams and shouts when he thinks things are wrong. His restaurant is the best one in the city and his salary as a top chef is in six figures. His customers love his food and would be surprised if they knew how worried he is about everything going wrong.


A true master of The Magic of Food this magical chef makes very pricey but very delicious dishes. Be it animated knights made of pastry that *attack* the diners and *scream* when eaten, to jelly that changes color randomly and other such stuff, he can provide it. His food is very pricey, and it is mainly the noble class that have the money to afford it. Because it costs so much the diners must pay the bill first before they get their meal.


The Angry is a nightmare boss to work for, shouting and screaming at his underlings for the slightest thing and sometimes sacking them for seemingly petty reasons. The guests can hear him berating the kitchen staff even though their room is quite far away from the kitchen. He is highly talented however, and the food critics regularly praise the skills that he so obviously has, but not many kitchen staff want to work for him.


Filthy never uses soap either on himself or on his kitchen implements and dishes and it is a wonder that his unknowing customers have not come down with some serious food-borne illnesses by now. He works in an inn outside the city limits where the city health inspectors rarely if ever come, and if they do come he pretends to be shut so they can't get in. If his customers knew the state of his kitchen they would most likely start retching and then demand their money back.


Poisoner is a talented chef that has got himself a highly paid job at the house of a very important noble family. But unknown to them he has been bribed by another noble family to poison the food of his employers. If anyone dies from his poisoning and he his caught and convicted, he will most likely be tied up, placed in a large pot full of cold water and slowly and painfully boiled to death, as such is the prescribed legal penalty for poisoners.


He does very little work himself, and the only reason why his restaurant has not gone belly up because of his laziness is because The Butcher Boys are working for him. They are highly annoyed with him, however, because of the way that he is taking nearly all of the credit for their hard work behind the scenes. If they were to go on strike, his restaurant would soon cease trading and he would be forced into bankruptcy as he does not have it in him to work hard.

7-Copyright Thief

He makes tasty and delicious dishes-that are identical to and in fact stolen from a restaurant a few streets away. As litigation would be very expensive, the owner of the other restaurant wants to hire a few heavies to go and smash up the Copyright Thief's place of business as a warning to knock it off. The Copyright Thief has a couple of bouncers (choose them at random from my 30 Bouncers submission, and his own gang of The Butcher Boys to defend his eatery, so he will not be a pushover. Enter the PCs...


He sells fish and chips (fries for you Americans.) Plain, basic, nothing fancy here, but the food is always tasty and nobody ever got food poisoning who brought their food from him. Plus it's cheap food, nothing fancy or hoitey toity here, and nothing that will bust your bank balance.


A jolly maker of sweets, she never has a sour disposition, although after eating her fare, tooth brushing or a tooth cleaning spell is mandatory to avoid a painful trip to the dentist sooner or later.


On the surface a chef of renown, his skills are genuine, but so are his killing skills as he is a secret ninja who works as a secret spy and assassin, with his chef's job as a cover for his highly illegal activities. His cooking implements make very good weapons and can be hidden in plain sight as no one objects to knives, cleavers or even axes in a kitchen.


He was a spit turner until when the chef he worked for died of natural causes, he decided to impersonate him and hid the body in the woods. But he is about to discover just how hard it is to be a chef, and has little chance of success.


A fine chef until the love of his life died slowly of cancer, he took to the alcohol to mask his sadness and to sleep at night. Now his skills are slowly leaving him and so are his customers, as he often burns or over-seasons the food that he works at. His customers are leaving in droves, and his restaurant is now on the verge of being repossessed by the landlord. His only chance of carrying on at least in the short term is to impress a visiting food critic. Enter the PCs...


It is always Christmas (or insert festival of your choice) at his restaurant, which is decorated appropriately and makes most of it's money at one particular time of the year.The rest of the year it has enough customers to get by. He is a jolly man at least in public but has darker moods in private.


Fatty is a skilled chef but loves his own food far too much, and it has started to show as he has an enormous stomach and will probably have a heart attack in a few years. He knows he needs to diet but does not have the willpower.

15-Let them eat Cake

Everything at this establishment is a cake of some kind. There are wedding cakes and birthday cakes, chocolate cakes and cream cakes, rice cakes and teacakes, pricey cakes and cheap cakes and every kind of cake you can think of. The chef only likes making cake and refuses to make anything else.


His food is really badly cooked and tastes horrible, yet his customers come back over and over again and he always has enough of them to prosper, so what is the secret of his success? It is the small amount of highly addictive drugs that he secretly adds to every meal that he sells. If he is ever found out he will be in very serious trouble indeed as his customers will want to lynch him.


A part time crimp, slaver, and kidnapper in general, he often drugs his food. Some of his victims are sold to sea captains, others to plantation owners, brothel owners, organized crime in general, or to their personal enemies. He has made a great deal of money out of this, laundered it through his business, and is now the owner of a whole chain of restaurants. Enter the PCs, looking for a missing person...


Famous for his cooking skills in his own country he was captured by the secret agents of the king of a neighboring country and falsely declared dead, and now he works in chains in the royal kitchens without pay. The king that he works for could have hired him perfectly legally as he would happily have worked for royalty, but the king is a miser who would rather secretly enslave people then pay them fairly for their labour.

19-Stuck Up

To him, his food is the finest food in the entire universe and he gets very angry if anyone complains about it, says the slightest bad thing about it or praises another restaurant within his one, to the point of grabbing him or her and physically kicking them out.

20-Singer of Songs

The customers at this eatery often hear him singing ballads at his work, and he is a good singer so it does not drive them away. He is happiest when singing away and cooking food, and would like to sing professionally but feels that his eatery must come first. His food is always made well.

21-Born Into It

He dislikes being a chef and would much rather be a sailor or a writer, but in the country he was born into, all jobs from the highest to the lowest are hereditary and those who are caught trying to change their occupation are heavily punished. Those who try and take up a *lower* occupation are merely fined or jailed but those found trying to do a *higher* occupation then the one they were born into are publically executed and gibbited with a sign on the cage saying the 'offense'. He is unhappy and does as little as he can get away with and his food is substandard.

22-The Horror

Although the city he works in has been besieged for years and most restaurants are reduced to selling cleaned and cooked rats, he has a supply of pork and many customers who pay highly for it. Unknown to them, the chef is a secret serial customer who is in league with the innkeeper, his boss. The two murder those customers who they think will not be missed, and then sell the human flesh as *pork* to the other customers who would be disgusted if they knew what they had really eaten. Enter the PCs looking for a missing person...


A priest of (insert god or goddess here) he provides good quality free food to the homeless and poor of remarkably good quality, on the condition that they join his religion. The mayor and city guards are annoyed about this, but the Church is strong in the region, and they don't want to risk being accused of heresy if they try and stop him. Although it is rare for heretics to be executed, it has been known to happen.

24-Magic Spell

The *chef* and kitchen staff at this restaurant are in fact a magical spell cast by the wizard who owns the place. Knives, cleavers and other such implements chop up the food, serve it, take the plates and money away afterwards and then clean up al by themselves. Plates of food float through by themselves to the diners. In an emergency, the mage could turn the kitchen implements into floating weapons, but he has never had to do that so far.


He is justly proud of the quality of his fine food, but unlike the Stuck Up he does not take it to extremes and become angry and physically abusive if someone points out something that is wrong with it. People come to his restaurant from miles around.

26-Mafia Son

Rather then go into organized crime, the son of a Mafia boss decided to become a chef. The problem is that his cooking skills are mediocre at best, yet the owner of the restaurant dares not cease to employ him in case the Mafia breaks his legs or worse. The business is slowly being driven into the ground, despite the Mafia not extracting tribute from it because of the family connections of the chef who works there, and the owner is in despair. Enter the PCs...


For the right price, the Romantic will put a powerful love potion into someone's food or drink that can only legally be owned by the priests of the state religion. Unknown to the one who hires him, he secretly puts the drug in the food or drink of both people so that abuse does not occur as there is equal love on both sides.

28-Secret Noble

When he is not holding court on the weekends this noble has a secret identity as a talented chef, but can't be public about it as being a chef, even a wealthy one, is not thought of at the royal court to be a proper occupation for a noble of high rank. He is a much nicer person incognito then he is when he is holding court where strict rules of behavior apply.


He has a mostly friendly rivalry with a nearby chef and the two often meet at food preparing contests and try and out-do each other and see who can create the most delicious and mouth-watering dishes, often but not always involving The Magic of Food. Both he and his rival have won several prestigious prizes for creating fine food between them and his restaurant has plenty of customers.

30-Young Blood

Although he is only a teenager he cooks as well as chefs three times his age, and is famous internationally for the sheer quality of the food that he makes. He has a nice personality and does not boast about his skills so he has many friends.

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