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March 26, 2009, 11:57 am

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The Crystal Sphere of the Throne


The Crystal Sphere of the Throne is another expensive knick knack kept in the royal jewels by the force of tradition.  Unbeknownst to all but the Ruler and the Heir, The Crystal Sphere is an immortal intelligent item giving advice to the Ruler and Heir.

The Crystal Sphere of the Throne is one of the Crown Jewels of the country (insert any appropriate country, but it may have a county of Corvis in it).  It appears to be nothing but a handspan sized perfect crystal sphere.  It is without flaw in shape or clarity.  If the Crown Jewels were taken, it would probably be left behind with the royal pacifier. 

Let a thief take everything but the Sphere, for this item secretly advises the Ruler or Heir as to how to best run the country (and avoid entanglement with machinations of Dark Eye and Orb of Corvin). The Orb has mentally contact with the Ruler or Heir, giving them advice when they need it (or it thinks they need it).  Given the fact that it is not only intelligent, but has been active in politics for over 800 years(in the Kingdom), it would be folly to ignore that advice.  In the 800 years of its rule, the kingdom has grown steadily and firmly.  Other kingdoms might of done more, but they are here no longer.  Under the Sphere’s guidence, the Kingdom will be here until the Gods come and wipe it out. 

The Sphere knows the hearts of the courtiers (and others round the palace), so it is invaluable in handling the intrigues of court. In fact the Sphere has the ability to influence others allows it to keep the nobility busy with each other and not interfering with Royal plans. 

Every now and again a king will rebel against the Sphere’s direction. Then the sphere will uses its "limited" manipulation abilities to push the court into doing what it wants to happen.

Of all Corvus orbs, this appears to be the most stable. It has a bit of hubris about its political abilities and has had it since it was created. However, it has been a political creature for over 900 years. It has grown in skills to finally match its hubris.

The Grand Sword of the Warlord has occasionaly taken offense to the actions of the Sphere. The Sphere has stopped a few conflicts the Sword wanted to see through.  The Sphere always made sure the sword found a new home far, far away, each of these times. 

If the Sphere is said to have a flaw, it is to say it is a bit conservative.  While it has guided the country expertly for 800 years, it will only use tried and true methods.  Experimentation or novelty is not advisable.  "Let other’s innovate," it explains. "If it is the thing to do, we will take it, make it perfect, and impliment it."

Long ago, Corvus created a vast number of magikal crystal orbs of various sizes, most of which were incorporated into other items. These orbs housed magikally created intelligences with the following powers:
1) The ability to influence and manipulate the minds of those around it to some degree.
2) The ability to communicate with any other Orb at any range, if it desires.
3) The ability to block or diffuse the power of another orb, 100% magik resistance against orb magik. It can sometimes grant that ability to others or use the power at range.
4) The ability to be nearly unbreakable (they are crystal after all)
5) 1-5 Magikal abilities to fufill its original purpose as a tool for Corvus. They were originally made as assistants and aides for Corvus. Since they have outlasted him and anyone who knew much about them, they are now free to follow their own agendas.

The items are immortal. Mortals are their playthings, their chess pieces, their hands.

Magical Properties:

Nothing but an Orb’s ability to sense the minds of others around it (and those far away) and subtly manipulate them.

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Comments ( 4 )
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March 26, 2003, 7:28
This particular piece is a great one to set into a campaign. It's presence explains so many things for certain fantasy kingdoms. While I have written up only one, I wonder how many would be out there and if they are working together or against each other.

When the new settings area comes out, I may just list a place that becomes this Kingdom.
Voted Scrasamax
May 31, 2006, 11:19
Being a regular Vampire player, I do have a soft spot for millenia old conservative manipulators.
August 25, 2006, 6:34
this is a good piece of work that i have taken a good liking to nice one man the possibilities are good for giveing PC's subtle hints etc etc...
Voted Moonlake
June 29, 2013, 23:04
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