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April 9, 2011, 12:54 pm

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“Our enemies lie just across the plains brothers, may our God King see it in his wisdom to grant our masters victory at the loss of our blood. But let our enemies pay for that blood with every breath.”

-Ziegtaur Soldier at the Battle of Forgotten Sorrow

Race : Ziegtaur
Appearance : They are a cross breed between the Gison and a big horned ram, those usually found in the mountains.
Height : 6’ tall
Weight : 300 lbs

Description :
The Ziegtaur are an oddity even for the demon half breeds. They are a cross breed between the Gison and a big horned ram, those usually found in the mountains. Their skin is hard and rough, similar to their Gison half, looking stone like and ridged. Their head is that of a ram with large curled horns, dark hair matting their head, neck and upper torso. Their legs end in back swept legs similar to that of a ram with cloven hooves instead of feet. Their upper body is very muscular and defined, but their legs are short and stocky, giving them a squat look. When in a relaxed state, as much as they can be, they almost seem to be sitting even while standing. Their upper body is covered with matted hair that will get shaggy if not trimmed, which few do on a regular basis.

Distinguishing Traits :
The Ziegtaur are a special unit in the demon armies. While not being very big, they are tough and determined. This is not the reason behind their desirability and their purpose. Because there are a half breed of demon and Gison, they have taken on some of the aspects of their stone like mothers. Nearly everyone of the Ziegtaur are magically talented, specifically in the field of earth magic. No other demon can boast such a talent.

Most of the Da’Sregt nobles have some innate abilities that are very magic like in substance, but they are all limited in their use. The Ziegtaur however, are not. They can learn and expand their magic with skill and practice. Even though they are of the Fel’Krethsh, they are treaded with better handling. They are still culled and kept in their place, lest they get rebellious, but they are treated with less ill and hatred.

Personality :
Their bloodlust is simple and usually they are forced into battle rituals by their commanders to get their rage up. This is similar to a tribal dance of screams and yells. They all gather together and cry out to their Gods that their masters win the day and that their deaths bring their masters closer to victory with each blood stained death. Once this frenzy is done, their eyes nearly glow with rage and they will stop at nothing to wade through the ranks of their enemies. The difficult side effect for their masters to deal with this induced rage is they no longer have reverence for their masters during their battle lust.

They are placed in units of ten to fifty under the command of their Minotaur kin, whom they respect almost as they do their masters. They see their commanders as a link to something greater, but never act on it. While often demon armies will fight against each other, the Ziegtaur will never harm the Minotaur commanders. They see them as surrogate brothers, as close to real kin as they have determined.

Relations :
Within their own ranks they keep a close knit on each other. They have no ranking structure, they just are. They do want to know where each and everyone are however. They are housed in groups of twenty, and while they have no names, they do know each other by sight and smell. They can pick out who belongs to what clutch, as they call it, just by smell alone. On the field of battle that is how they keep track of the group as a whole. They are ordered to follow a specific commander into battle and they all keep track of everyone following him. This makes it far less difficult to lose track of orders.

Religion :
They are in awe of their masters, viewing them nearly as Gods. The reasoning behind this is to them their powers seem infinite at times. They do pray to the Demon God King as do the others of their kind but they do so only because they are told. They have a personal belief to their kind that they were bred for war, even though they were more an accident than anything. They pray to their God King for skill and kills on the battlefield but nothing more complicated than their basic desire for pleasing their masters and killing on the battlefield seems to do that.

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Comments ( 2 )
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Voted MoonHunter
January 12, 2006, 13:37
Horde Monsters with interesting descriptions.
January 12, 2006, 14:35
I tried to get them beyond the horde mentality and gave them their abilities individually. Hopefully I did it the right way.

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