Argus is like most of the carter's in the city. He works out of one of the inns, where they actually prepare the food. (It is loaded into the cart there and kept warm by stoked coals and ash.) The Blue Rose carts are served by a consortium of inns, while a bit more expensive than standard cart food is well worth the price.

Argus himself is a slightly heavy set man, with oily skin and hair. He is very strong given the size of the cart he hefts around all day. He always has a twinkle in his eyes and a laugh on his lips. Think of him as Santa Claus before he had a white beard.

Argus serves sourbread meat stew every day out of his clay urn. (A very popular item indeed as it is a beef and vegetable stew thickened with olive oil and sourbread.) You pay a minor deposit (two copper) on his bowl (and lid) which are marked with a blue rose; but that can be refunded (if you return the bowl to any Blue Rose cart or switched if you bring an used marked bowl and order a new bowl.

What make's Argus's cart different is the brightly colored sun shade over the cart and Argus's own bubbling personality. He sings, he jokes, and gossips. He is more than a carter, he is a performer. He also sells several urns full of sourbread stew, so he is quite successful at being a salesman. (So successful in fact that he occassionally give food to furry taxi pullers and wall liners - the poorer people in Antioch). Between his stew, his busy district (and the fact that he will bring stew into businesses), his caring for the poor (many of whom have sharp claws) and his performances, the people of ArchStreet defend this man. Woe be it to anyone who give Argus any grief or worse yet tries to steal from him (His brother in law is a member of The Shadow Guild, so if the street crowd does not get you, someone else will later).

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