A SharpShop is one that sells sharp things. This shop is larger than most, as the forge is in the rear of the courtyard behind the house. The crotchety neighbors next door complain about the noise constantly, but are happy to use the left over forge heat to bake their goods.

Most of the wares for sale here are cooking and butchering items. A few are used for WoodSmithing (Carpentry). These everyday items are what pay the bills. What makes Mathius's Money is his weapons.

Mathius has a knack for weapons. He has never produced a bad blade yet. They are expensive and just short of greatworks. But you can find weapons ready made here, while most shops only custom make them. Here you can find a dozen or so swords of various lengths weights and blade shapes off the rack. His arrow heads are expensive, but highly prized broadpoints. Weapons are awful stock, hard to make, expensive in terms of material and times, and the people who need them seldom have the cash to get them. They sit on the rack for quite a while before they are found by the one who should have them. (When they do sell, they do make a big profit).

Mathius is a Master MetalSmith. He is getting on in years, developing a bit of a belly, but he is still fit and his mind is as sharp as one of his blades. He has two apprentices which have become like his sons: Kevinus and Markus. Being nearly of age, they are both Journeymen now, on their way to being full Guild Smiths. Both want to take over the SharpShop. Kevinus is the better business man and a great smith. Markus has Mathius's knack for blades and wants to cater to adventurers and the local military.

These folks make them, they are not warriors by any stretch. Mathius and Kevinus are passible hands. Markus fancies himself a "blademaster". He can talk the talk and walk the walk, but he is simply better than average at all bladed weapons.

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