Most of the table at Cashmirius's are outside. There is a ivy decorated low fence separating the "seating area" from the rest of the plaza. The large creme awning protects many of the tables from the sun or elements. The tables are slightly larger than the interior ones. Four to eight can fit around them.

The food here is exceptional. Cashmirius has been dead for nearly 150 years, but her name and recipes live on. The cafe here serves the best pastries, klah (coffee/chocolate/nut tasting drink), and tea in the city. The rest of the food is top notch as well.

This is the place to be and be seen by the noble and important folks. Guildmasters and Dukes seem to be able to procure a table without a wait. The Highpriest can be seen dining with the Mayor's wife. The young nobles or retainers of the noble houses tend to while away the afternoons here. Scholars from the colleges and elder guildsmen often find themselves here for lunch. Many a lively discussion political, intellectual, or religious, can be overhead from nearby tables.

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