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Bleakwood Character Creation II: Perks & Psionics By: Ancient Gamer

After rolling stats, Bleakwood characters are given certain perks. They get 4 ability points, plus another 2 if they choose to have a dark side.

This submission covers special abilities (including psionics), special backgrounds, special items and dark sides.

by Ancient Gamer
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Psilabs By: Ancient Gamer

In the desolate wastes of Antarctica, under thick layers of ice and snow, forgotten by the world and only remembered in a few databases of the ancients: There lies Psilabs; a major research complex into the human psyche and the powers of the human mind.

by Ancient Gamer
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USSS Ticonderoga By: Ancient Gamer

The United States Space Ship Ticonderoga is the largest space vessel ever built. Constructed over 500 years ago, it now orbits earth, most systems shut down - It is a treasure ridden derelict juggernaught.

A leftover relic of the ancients.

Or so would seem.

by Ancient Gamer
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Ms. Carlyle By: Ancient Gamer

A stern matron, 1950's pinup and failed protector against nuclear winter.

Her first contact will be on a laptop or mobile unit of some kind. The text 'Can you help me?' will be written all over the screen.

Ms. Carlyle has made her presence known.

by Ancient Gamer
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The Mercenary Shrine By: Ancient Gamer

In the ramshackle town of Spear Malice only a single building still stands. It has defied the Great War and its spears of light; nuclear blasts that devastated the entire state, and ever since then it has defied the onslaught of time.

Its halls have not yet been breached, and a wealth of technological treasure await, ripe for plunder! But there are others who crave this treasure; others that will do anything to claim it.

by Ancient Gamer
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