Cheka Man's Golden Submissions - ( 3 )

Cheka Man
Sleigh of the Storm By: Cheka Man

Once a year, Father Olaf delivers presents to all the people of the world in one night.How does he do it? With the help of the Sleigh of the Storm, and the vital Shard of the Storm within it.

by Cheka Man
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Cheka Man
The God of Small Things By: Cheka Man

For want of a nail a horse was lost
For want of a horse a rider was lost
For want of a rider a message was lost
For want of a message a battle was lost
For want of a battle a kingdom was lost...

Which serves as a warning not to get on the wrong side of the God of Smalll Things.

by Cheka Man
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Cheka Man
Urn Beast By: Cheka Man

Several arson attacks, and two deaths later, as the Mayor retreated from the ashy figure before him and his curtains went up in flame, he decided that burning the Bishop had been a very bad idea.

by Cheka Man
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