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December 31, 1969, 7:00 pm

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The Tower of Thunder and Gold


Three days from the nearest shore, nestled on top of a small heath island stands the Tower of Thunder and Gold. More than one hundred wizards and sorcerers live here year round, devoted to the continuation of the magical arts. There are many times more students, consors, and things only describable as others

The Tower of Thunder and Gold was established five hundred years ago following a catastrophic wizarding war. The land was devastated, and many talented mages were killed. Much magical knowledge was lost, and magic all but fell into a dark age. A few mages banded together, and sought what magical knowledge they could find lest their art die out.

The single structure they raised with sorcerous might was the Tower of Thunder and Gold, crafted of green veined marble, and accented with finials and a dome of gold, it was a beacon to those who would become magic users. The few founding magi, their names etched into the stone of the tower, and into the history of magic, gathered every book, every tome, every grimoire they could lay hands on.

By the time the last of the founders passed away, the single tower had grown greatly. Nearly 150 wizards of varying skill called the tower and the small town growing around it home. Cabals of wizards explored rumors of fallen manses and sorcerous domains, while others sought the goodwill and advice of spirits who were on friendly terms with the magi.

The Blooding
The Blooding was the school’s baptism by fire. Not all wizards thought the school was a good idea, and being such a repository of magical wealth, it quickly became a target. Thieves were thwarted with cunning traps and wards, and advancing on the island with a military force was difficult at the very best. An evil sorcerer sought the secrets of the island and would destroy those who opposed him and his drive for power.

The heads of the each magical curiculum were drawn into the terrible battle with the demon-evoking sorcerer, but it came to an end when the magus Moloch shattered the evil sorcerer’s most powerful demon. Moloch then bound each piece of the demon into an amulet and hid them within the school, in secret places.

The nations and kingdoms understood that the Tower of Thunder and Gold was not an evil institution, but a place of truely higher learning. It soon became vogue to send heirs and golden children to the school. Those who could become magi did, and those who could not, still learned from the best and brightest minds and what magic can and cannot do.

Plot Hooks

Before we start here, the Tower of Thunder and Gold is not Hogwarts. It is a place of deep contemplation, magical research, and is at times a very dangerous place to be. More like MIT, CalTech, or perhaps Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratories. Thank you, onto the hooks.

- An all mage/sorcerer game where all the players are initiates and must deal with their powers, and how to deal with each other without resorting to violent magics.

- The PCs have been induced into snooping about the place, and trying to either gather information, or steal an item out of a strong room, or a laboratory.

- PCs in need of a magic spell, an arcane bit of lore, or temporary use of a magic item might petition the school for it’s help. This might be more realistic than the old skool magic weapons and items shop next door to the blacksmith and tavern.

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Comments ( 4 )
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August 2, 2004, 18:30
It hasn't gone into much detail about what the inside of the tower is actually like, or who dwells there, or the about the "things", but still, fairly detailed and good.
I'll bump it up to a 4 for the name and the inclusion of the phrase "old skool".

April 26, 2005, 6:40
Now, the Academy would be a purrrfect employer for a band of itinerant thugs... eh, adventurers. Fetch me a pink cockatrice, some dragon menstrual blood and the left eye of Vecna, will you?

Wizardly intrigue, magical accidents (Resident Evil! ... or Half-Life) could take place here, as well as being the ideal place to send that kid you got from the liaison with the black dragon a while ago.

Also the ideal place to find a few rarer items, and rarer people. One of the few places where a 'weird' PC (half-unicorn half-treant half-whatever) could really find a home.

Though: what does set it apart from all the OTHER magic academies?
Voted valadaar
January 13, 2007, 7:07
This definately could be the start of many things in a campaign. Good one!
Voted Cheka Man
February 24, 2008, 18:21
A well made submission that could fit into many games.

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