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Melee Weapons
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January 16, 2007, 5:22 pm

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elphiniar and delfinsel


Twin elvish short swords.  Used in the same manner as Drizzt Do’Urden fights.  Slightely curved tips etched in runes.  Wielded by Hathil.

these two swords have a magical ability to reflect on the wielders emotions.  When an emotion by the wielder becomes so strong, the swords will errupt into white flame.  Here is How Hathil got them.

Feyathil walked slowly toward the fortress.  It was an amazing sight by all accounts.  The fortress of Rafulis(rangers) was an impressive sight.  With it’s gleaming Walls and a door made of the glowing Haléfas wood.  It was not a large fortress.  But it was not hte fortress itself that brought Feyathil to this place this day, it was the training ground behind it.  Two armored elvish guards at the door saw Feyathil coming.  “Ouvule Maikan” said Feyathil.  He didn’t really need to say the password, being the chief ranger of Haléfas granted instant entry, but the title was new to him and well, he was used to saying it.  Never the less, the guards bowed and opened the door for him.  He proceeded through the main chamber for the back door.  Then passing through the back stood his son, Hathil.  “Your fighting skills are great my son.” said Feyathil.  Hathil smiled his usuall cocky grin.  “I give you now the family swords Elphinar and delfinsel.  He presented the swords to Hathil.  Hathil, amazed twirled them in his hands.  “Are they magical?” asked Hathil.  “Go find out.” replied Feyathil.  Hathil ran off to gloat to his companions.  Feyathil knew though that these swords held more significants than shown.  They would help defeat evil in the future.

Magical Properties:

These swords, when the wielder has a powerful emotion, will burst into white flames and scorch evil swords down to the hilt.

Can only be wielded by Hathil or other elves.

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Comments ( 6 )
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November 6, 2003, 2:20
ehhrrr oke, so we have (sort of a story, but I can not wait to read the rest.....

Hope to see some info on the swords as well...
November 7, 2003, 3:07
Great story, but my question about the swords remains....

Oke, two experiments at once.... (see if I can edit my comment now and be a bit more positive)

If I read the magical properties correctly, you mean to say that the magic only functions when you are of pure elvenblood?

And the magic is capable of destroying (I would say any) weapon wielded by a evil person.

Hmmm, I think that by rewriting the magical properties section just a tiny bit, you just might have created a very good item here.
November 7, 2003, 3:29
I also want to learn more, assuming your done posting what story you had.

What where the swords used for before? What makes them heirlooms? How did Hathil prove his fighting skills? If he's the head ranger, why doesn't he have some rangers under his command? Do both swords do the same thing or do they have seperate powers? Are the swords good? How can you tell and evil sword from a good one? Do swords that are good or evil have to be intelligent, have a soul, concience or otherwise; or can inanimate objects be good or evil? Will these swords scorch evil rocks or twigs?
November 7, 2003, 13:35
Look i said it fought the evil long ago. I'm fourteen dude, I just started writing, I may not Be J.R.R Tlokien but, geez, maybe you think that everyhing has to be as good as you.
November 7, 2003, 15:55
I'm just happy these swords don't kill anything in one strike.

I just want to know more about the background of the item. Good submissions are thought out, they have stories surrounding them. They aren't something just smacked out on a keyboard in between classes. Take some time to develope ideas and the submissions will show how much better that time was spent.
November 8, 2003, 23:30
Woah! Elfkin! Chill, man, chill! (Here comes my blanket metaphor again)
Think of it like this:
These swords are a blanket that you are weaving. It's a nice blanket, but there are some places where, maybe, you slipped up a little bit and left a hole, allright? When we give you criticisms on the item, we're helping you to patch up your blanket to make it even better!

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