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October 29, 2005, 2:44 pm

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Wig of Alternate Realities


A strange magic item designed to be a very secretive way of interacting with other planes of existance.

The Wig of Alternate Realities was created by a cult that streched across almost every plane there is. This item was created as a way for the members to quickly meet up and seperate. There is also a cursed version given to those who fail to gain entry to the cult, its powers are similar but generally work against the user.

Magical Properties:

> Wig of Alternate Realities:
+ Wearer can change hair length and color at will.
+ Wearer can see anyone who is wearing one(Even a cursed one)no matter what plane they are on, but they cannot interact with them unless they too are on that plane.
+ The Wearer can tell if a Wig is cursed.
+ The Wearer lways knows what plane the people they see are on.
+ If the Wearer wills it, the Wearer can travel to any plane, but they must see someone on that plane to do so.

> Cursed Wig of Alternate Realities:
- Wearer can increase hair lenght at will.
- Weared can be seen by anyone on any plane, but only interacted with on the plane they are actually on.
- The Wearer cannot travel to other planes.
- The Wearer can only remove the Wig by shaving their heads completely bald, therefore destroying the Wig.

(Note: When someone is seen wearing the Cursed Wig by a being thats not on the same plane you should treat the wearer as an illusion, only its real, meaning you cannot discover that its an illusion because it isnt.)

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Comments ( 6 )
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December 6, 2003, 0:03
Im pretty sure i covered everything. Let me know if you have any questions.
Ria Hawk
December 6, 2003, 0:17
Why did they do this? What sort of cult was it? Why, of all things, wigs? How many are there? This is a promising item, very offbeat, but it still needs some work.
December 6, 2003, 0:31
The Cult: A odd cult whos full plans are only known to high rank members.

Their Goals: To take over every plane all at once by building up followers on each plane. They sometimes trick people into joining by telling them the purpose is bringing peace to the universe.

Why a Wig: Who would suspect Wigs as being an evil, mutlti-planed Cults main way of keeping members informed? Not me or any of my PCs thats for sure.

How Many: A whole lot. One for every member of the cult who has been proven trustworthy. So they are not found as treasure, unless it in the possesion of a Cultist.

What sort of Cult: The Cult favors people with Psionic abilities but readily accepts people with high amounts of discipline (such as Monks). Others are accepted as their skills are needed.

Any more questions?
December 6, 2003, 1:57
Blech. Just what I wanted, more evil extraplanar cults.
No thanks.
But it is interesting that you made it a wig. I would never think of making such and item a wig.
December 6, 2003, 5:24
Why not evil extraplanar cults? You belong to one.

It is very strange, but it make sense in a very odd way.
December 6, 2003, 19:00
Im not sure if thats good or bad, but at least I made it make sense. Even if it is in an odd way.

Did i miss anything?

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