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January 15, 2006, 3:23 pm

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A feral, neanderthal-like man whose become a (somewhat) king amonsgst men, sorta.

Special Equipment:

Elven chain +5, a hardly used Trident of Fish Command


6’6”, 260 lbs.; black hair; yellow, wolf-like eyes; body covered in hair, hair on head very wild, similar to Wolverine; claws and fangs; moves with a hunters lope, as if he were more animal then man; highly aggressive, but shows a childlike gentleness towards children and the defenseless; wears dirty magical elven chainmail and carries a quiver of various throwing spears, including a rarely used magical trident; likes to rend things with his fangs and claws instead of using something as mundane as a weapon.


     Security.  Strength.  Companionship.  This is what my tribe meant to me, when I was a pup.  Hunting, gathering and mating is all I had to look forward too, and it was good.  Then the ‘others’ came, to tear up our homes, to dig through our lands, to kill off our game.  They came with steel and with fire and with magic, and we were forced to leave.  I was hurt in the fighting and became lost.  But then I was found, but not by my tribe; more of the ‘others’ had found me.  They took me, chained me like an injured beast, locked me in a cage and sold me. 
After a long trip on a ship across water that spanned from one edge of the earth to the next, I arrived into a noisy place, filled with so many confusing sounds and smells.  I was bought by a fat man, to be put into his circus.  I was still kept in my cage, but I was fed and not hurt.  Many of the ‘others’ would come to look upon me - the old, the young, the weak and sickly; I would snap my chains and rage against my cage, and even though I could smell there fear, they stayed for more.  At those times the fat man would smile and give me special, sweet treats, and the occasional mate to rut with.  But then a sad thing happened…the fat man died one day, and the circus broke apart.
I was free again, to run and romp, but I was no longer home.  At the loneliest time of my life, i was found by a small tribe of men, and a very odd assortment of men it was.  One wore steel skins which made him shine like the sun and spoke down to everyone as if they were pups; one was clad in dark skins, and made me think of the bush snakes back home; a very small one, a halfling, my lord Clover, who is unto a god walking among us!
I found out we were on the edge of a great land, ruled by a king and his purple knights.  We trekked through many sunups, until we arrived another town named Milbourne filled with the ‘others’.  There were many of them living there, but from what the rest of my new tribe said, it was a small place that had seen better days.  What followed were many moons of fighting and hunting, both near this town and under the earth.  Our tribe had grown larger by one, a dwarf was with them, who always escaped danger by a hair’s breadth. 
When it was all over, Milbourne had growm from a sickly pup of a town to a strong buck, filled to bursting with men, women and there pups.  The shiney man went on to fight bigger and stronger baddies down below, never to return; the dark one, even though weak in body, became powerful in Milbourne; the dwarf, left shortly afterwards, and I have not seen him since; my lord Clover has his own tribe now, making one of the tastiest drinks in the land.  As for me, well I am the alpha of my own tribe now.  I have a lair deep in the woods built of stone and wood, once forgotten but now built into greatness again.  At my side I have my mate, my shining star, my sweet Oleanne, lady of the wolves and mother of a pair of my own pups.  At times I think back to what I was before the ‘others’ came to my home and took me away.  But what are dreams?  All that matters is the here and now, and the things I have learned in the night below:

*  Do not listen to the dark one, ever!
*  Do not run through the bright, searing light.
*  Do not go first into the night below.
*  Do not go near the water alone.
*  Do not go near the shiney man.
*  The little one is a god among men!!
*  Stone stacks may not always be stone stacks.
*  Stand on the black dragon’s head so he cannot breath on you.
*  Gut everything!

Roleplaying Notes:

Thunk first came about at the beginning of The Night Below, 2nd Edition AD&D module.  He was originally a human barbarian using the brute kit.  Other members in the group included a human paladin (the shiny man), an elven thief (the dark one), and a lovely and ornery halfling cleric of Tymora (Clover) who used some kit that allowed one to reroll one die per day (hence why he was so lucky).  Well, long story short we turned Milbourne - the city in the module - from a sleepy hamlet into a bustling city in the outskirts of Cormyr, where the DM had set the module at.  Thunk ended up hooking up with Oleane, who was a major druidic NPC in the game, and taking over an old, abandoned outpost in the woods, to raise his tribe in worship of Clover (to him, it was Clover doing all of those incredible things, and not his Goddess working through him).  When D&D 3.0 came out, I decided to switch all my 2nd Ed. guys over to 3rd Ed….which was fine, until WOTC frelled everyone over and release D&D 3.5! Whew, not that I’m bitter ha ha.  Anyways, for adventure/plot ideas, anyone lost in the woods could come upon Thunk or one of the 100+ members of his tribe.  Or if looking for a moderate level druid, Thunk’s mate Oleane could be useful; maybe to get her assistance, you’d have to deal with Thunk first, since he has a very alpha male attitude towards life.  Hope you enjoy!  Oh, and for those playing D & D 3.5, Thunk is now a 12th lvl Feral (template) Human Barbarian.  I figured Feral would be a good substitute for the brute kit from 2nd Edition.  For those using any other system, basically he isn’t as smart as normal, but is incredibly strong and hardy, regenerates damage, has a keen sense of smell (why I made him look like Wolverine lol), can see in the dark like a cat, has claws and fangs.  He would also normally not be very charismatic, but used a wish to increase it.

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Comments ( 5 )
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October 20, 2004, 3:37
Nicely written...
Though you could have altered it a bit - so, it is just a character you played. You could have described his personality into greater depth, and his interactions with the group as well.
It's pretty much alright. 3/5
October 20, 2004, 9:43
I give it a 85 because it has catchy lyric and is easy to dance to.....

Okay, my age is showing again.

It is a very well written piece and a good character. Thought it has some defined game system elements, they are not required to understanding the character.
October 20, 2004, 19:34
There are game stats, but it isn't necessary to understand him, so that's cool.
Seems pretty average- what do the items do? What is his personality?

Voted Murometz
March 13, 2008, 23:08
You now, I kinda find myself liking the first person narrative and the style of 'Roleplaying Notes' you use. Personal experiences, who the character was, how he was used, etc

I also like the list of things he learned in the Night Below :)
Voted valadaar
March 14, 2014, 10:13
I found this amusing and genuine. +5 Elven chain is damn good threads!

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