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November 12, 2006, 3:30 pm

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The continuing tale of the Bard


As promised, the continuing tale…

As I read this I thought of one of my favorite characters and the way I’ve played him over many years. The words of a Master Bard to a student of the art can be honest and painful at the same time, no matter how heart felt the advice is.

This is the second “part” of three in the story. I hope you enjoy and remember it’s wisdom…

So You Wish to Be A Bard…
by: Rathflaed DuNoir
The Black Bard of Meridies, MSoB
mka Stephen R Melvin

So you wish to be a Bard young one,
or perhaps not quite so young,
For you have traveled the tales you’ve told
and lived the songs you’ve sung,
You have the power to bring forth tears
with a tale of morning dew,
Or charm the smile from a lovely maid
with naught but a word or two,
Your harp calls forth the green to trees
that wake from winter’s blight,
And your voice calls men with knocking knees
to rise, go forth and fight,
You take the journeyman’s mark today
and filidh are you named,
You’ve earned the right to sing for bread
and the privilege is yours to claim,
A cup from the highest table
for the story or song you tell,
Or the right to a hold’s protection
from men who are foul or fell,
And you think, with all this “power” you hold,
that you’re ready to be on your own?
Well, I’ll tell you now that of all you’ll need,
only the least have you shown!
For it’s not the power to break a king
that will make you the greatest Bard,
Instead it’s the power to stay your tongue,
when you know the way will be hard.
And it’s not the power to write a tale
that will make a small man great,
Instead it’s the will to speak the truth
that might turn his love to hate.
And it’s not the power to call the winds
and shatter a castle gate,
It’s the power to soothe a frightened child
with your song, that will make you great.
Any fool can raise a mob
and send them forth to fight,
Can you sing the song that calls them back
to rebuild in the morning’s light?
But I grow old as all men do,
and perhaps I prattle on,
Yet remember well, what I have taught
when on the road you’ve gone,
Remember it is your place to teach,
not “play” as others do,
It is not enough to speak no lies,
you must also speak what is true. Copyright BlackBird Recording, all rights reserved.  Posted by Permission.  For more information please see:

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Comments ( 2 )
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Voted valadaar
November 29, 2006, 21:29
I think you need to wrap these in something (use them in a backstory for another sub, for example.)

Just reposting the songs seems a little incomplete.
Voted manfred
November 30, 2006, 2:07
Stille it is a nice read. You should link the other submission to this, and perhaps add to both a 'Bard' freetext - it might even provoke other subs into being.

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