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May 13, 2006, 10:33 pm

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The Urg


The monstrosities marched onward, foul beings bloated almost beyond recognitio[smeared lines]

We fought them tooth and nail, but our weapons were no match.  They healed almost as fast as we attacked them, and soon the gates were open. -Exerpt from un-named soldier’s journal

The Urg


Zombie replacement.  A parasite that lives in dead bodies and causes muscles to swell to massive sizes.  Often times the decomp of the body will stop, and sometimes the Urg will heal the body at massive, almost uncontrollable rates.  The Urg are hive creatures, all living to follow the will of the Zyhg, a massive black slug that lives at the very bottom of the hive.  the Urg themselves, without a host, are black worms about as long as your hand and an inch around.  When they get a host they start to change though.  They move to the host spinal column, this limits their host selection to just chordates, and from their they grom longer.  Then, about a day after infestation, they start to grow out from the spine, and go out following the nerves of the body and take over large portions of the host.  For 2 days after this stage their movements are jerky and uncoordinated, and the body is starting to grow/bulge.  5 days after infestation the body is a lot bigger than it used to be, and skin has split to allow it room to grow, the wounds healed quick though and there are scars running all over the body.  The Urg will live for about a month, but after that it will crawl to the food chamber and die, allowing it’s host body to die and be used as fertilizer for the fungus/food used in the colony.

Pariah 8:09 pm: well…  I was looking to make a replacement zombie thingy
Pariah 8:10 pm: hive mind
Pariah 8:10 pm: a parasite that uses anything with a spinal colum and goes through hosts in about 2 weeks
Pariah 8:11 pm: fast healing, and they pump the body up on uber-steroids
Pariah 8:13 pm: I know what the blighters are like, I just can’t write about them
Scrasamax 8:13 pm: what kind of parasite?
Scrasamax 8:13 pm: visual description?
Pariah 8:14 pm: bug, wormlike, six legs all in front.
Scrasamax 8:15 pm: i am imagining a tick like creature
Scrasamax 8:16 pm: coloration? general size?
Pariah 8:17 pm: the bug itself is black, about 4 inches long
Pariah 8:18 pm: it is more of a worm than a tick
Scrasamax 8:18 pm: makes my skin crawl thinking of a tick that size
Pariah 8:18 pm: the 6 legs are all in the very fromt
Scrasamax 8:18 pm: long and skinny?
Pariah 8:18 pm: yes
Scrasamax 8:18 pm: what does it take from the host in exchange for a quick death and fast healing?
Pariah 8:18 pm: the thing lives in the host’s pinal chord
Scrasamax 8:18 pm: and why does it?
Scrasamax 8:18 pm: how does it get in?
Pariah 8:19 pm: mmm
Pariah 8:19 pm: the host dies, the bug is the new master of the house.
Scrasamax 8:19 pm: what does the bug gain from that?
Pariah 8:19 pm: the host is probably dead before the bug gets in
Scrasamax 8:19 pm: does it need a house?
Pariah 8:19 pm: a place to live
Scrasamax 8:19 pm: or does it use the host as an incubator, or to protect its young?
Pariah 8:19 pm: the ability to serve the queen to the best of it’s abilities
Scrasamax 8:20 pm: ah, they are a hive creature, but you did mention that…
Scrasamax 8:20 pm: what about the queen?
Pariah 8:20 pm: big balck slug
Scrasamax 8:20 pm: grotesque
Pariah 8:20 pm: very
Pariah 8:20 pm: constantly eating and giving birth
Scrasamax 8:21 pm: the zombies gather food, protect the nest
Scrasamax 8:21 pm: ensure the births of the young
Scrasamax 8:21 pm: distribute them to new corpses
Pariah 8:22 pm: and when the host body dies, as it does after about a month, the body goes into the food pile
Scrasamax 8:22 pm: what are the long term goals of the colony, and how does it find a balance with its
Pariah 8:22 pm: long term goals…
Pariah 8:22 pm: mmm
Scrasamax 8:22 pm: besides survival
Pariah 8:22 pm: complete domination of the world
Pariah 8:22 pm: sounds like a good start, for now
Scrasamax 8:23 pm: so they are intelligent, how smart are they, can they use magic, divine powers? tools?
Scrasamax 8:23 pm: what about accessing their hosts memories?
Pariah 8:23 pm: the queen is intelligent
Pariah 8:23 pm: the monsters are just mindless drones
Pariah 8:23 pm: I guess memories would depend on how long the body was dead
Scrasamax 8:24 pm: where did they come from, they seem unnatural to me
Scrasamax 8:24 pm: demonic origin?
Scrasamax 8:24 pm: alien?
Scrasamax 8:24 pm: experiement gone wrong?

Chaosmark 9:04 pm: Hmm
Scrasamax 9:04 pm: i would set them out as perhaps a parasite hailing from the sbyss, or some other hellish
realm where the minor demons offer superior hosts, but the greater demons are able to destroy the colonies
Chaosmark 9:04 pm: They’re parasitic bugs?
Scrasamax 9:05 pm: and some sorcerer summoned a demon who was infected with a queen on the move
Scrasamax 9:05 pm: bringing the littel beasties home
Pariah 9:06 pm: that would work rather well
Scrasamax 9:07 pm: now, the buggers can spread eith impunity as the fleshies are weaker than the demons,
but they have to be quick as their new hosts dont last nearly as long
Scrasamax 9:07 pm: so the bugs sometimes make some serious mistakes
Scrasamax 9:08 pm: say they get the local mayor whacked, they have a week or so before he can no longer
pass as living and a few more weeks become he falls apart
Scrasamax 9:08 pm:    


The monstrosities marched onward, foul beings bloated almost beyond recognition.  But, if only to make the horrors worse for us the queen had seen it fit to put some of her newer servents among the attackers, and glaring out from the ranks there were our old friends.  As the attackers made it to the city wall they didn’t stop to bash at it, they’d learned yesterday that that method is useless.  No, this time the hulks, some at least 3 weeks old, formed the bottom and let the younger ones, and some of the Urg-Wolves climb up them and over the walls.

We fought them tooth and nail, but our weapons were no match.  They healed almost as fast as we attacked them, and soon the gates were open.  I only escaped through the grace of Katuki.

The Urg are a parasitic race, taking their hosts from the ranks of the fallen.  They start out as a small worm, about 4” long that is virtually defenseless.  From there they are implanted into a corpse and allowed to grow.  Within a day the corpse is a walking ‘person’ again, with little remembrance of its life beyond its need to serve the hive.  From there the host body starts growing.  The spinal column grows thicker, to protect its new master, and the muscles start growing at a staggering rate.

The beast gets larger by the day, the skin splits repeatedly to give the muscles more room, but the wounds heal almost as soon as they form, creating a striped pattern of scars on the new body.

Worldview -

Needless to say the queens believe that it is the right of their offspring to rule the world.  Often times though they’re content to sitting backseat when given the promise of cheap corpses and food.  As such the present ‘name’ empire is using the Urg as a cheap way of bolstering their military might.  They haul the queen with their armies and keep her feed and give her an almost constant supply of dead, in return she acts as a member of their military and fights for them.

Hosts and food -

The Urg have developed specific uses for the different animals inhabiting the world.  These range from food all the way over to shock troops.

Humans/Elves - hunting/shocktroops

Dwarves - shocktroops/defense of queen

Wolves/Dogs - hunting

Cats - Hunting

Horses/Deer - food

Birds - food

Boar - shocktroops

turtles - the body gets at least 6x as big and the blighter grow teeth.  vicious hunter.

croc - hunter/ambush

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