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July 5, 2012, 2:28 pm

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The Quest Queue


A repository of all the quest ideas that have been brainstormed and then lost through the cracks

  1. Revolutionaries
  2. Mother's Day/Mother
  3. Father's Day/Father
  4. Sky
  5. Lands and Continents
  6. Articles
  7. Deviant Religions
  8. Saints
  9. City Guards
  10. City Adventures
  11. Transports and Transport Systems
  12. Fortifications
  13. Artistic/Performance Societies
  14. Pirates
  15. Hives of Scum and Villainy
  16. Single Biome Worlds
  17. Thanksgiving/Harvest Festivals
  18. Festivals
  19. Neighborhoods
  20. Plants
  21. Religious Groups
  22. Arctic Locations
  23. Mercantile Groups
  24. Tales of Adventure ( for format
  25. Dead Dragon (freetext)
  26. Natural/Agricultural Societies
  27. Space Flora and Fauna
  28. Islands
  29. Firefly (show, and Freetext)
  30. Cybertechnology
  31. Love
  32. Worlds and Planets
  33. HALO Inspired
  34. Halloween/Horror
  35. April Fools/Hoax
  36. YouTube
  37. Burning Man Inspired
  38. Music/Song
  39. Mongols
  40. Dragons
  41. Tales of Lovers
  42. Green Dragons (
  43. Loser Challenge (,4280.0.html)
  44. Marsupials
  45. Recycling Bad Submissions (,4640.0.html)
  46. Short Fiction (,4623.0.html)
  47. Culture of Monsters
  48. Unique/Bizarre Animals
  49. Sci-Fi/Fantasy FanFic
  50. Superheroes
  51. Airships
  52. Plants and Poisons
  53. Insects
  54. Fertility Festivals
  55. Tattoos and Magic
  56. Mercenaries
  57. Star Trek
  58. Secret Societies
  59. Shadows/Shadow Magic
  60. Psychic Powers
  61. Mecha and Tanks
  62. Summer Festivals
  63. Alcoholic Beverages
  64. Bizarre Holidays
  65. Way of the Fist Fighting Systems
  66. Lovecraftian Horror and monsters
  67. Light
  68. Sentient Clothing
  69. 20k miles under the sea
  70. End of Days/Apocalypse
  71. Automata
  72. Call a Rabbit a Smerp
  73. Cartoon Characters Made Serious
  74. Film Noir
  75. Vampires
  76. Dark Fae
  77. Parasites
  78. Time
  79. Hammer (Freetext Friday)
  80. Castle (Freetext Friday)
  81. Vampire (Freetext Friday)
  82. Experiment (Freetext Friday)
  83. Oasis (Freetext Friday)
  84. Urban Fantasy (Freetext Friday)
  85. Orc (Freetext Friday)
  86. Divination (Freetext Friday)
  87. Celebrity (Freetext Friday)
  88. Exotic Mount (Freetext Friday)
  89. University (Freetext Friday)
  90. Supers (Freetext Friday)
  91. Execution (Freetext Friday)
  92. Sage (Freetext Friday)
  93. Assassin (Freetext Friday)
  94. Mine (Freetext Friday)
  95. WWMWBI (Freetext Friday)
  96. Sport (Freetext Friday)
  97. King (Freetext Friday)
  98. Wylding (Freetext Friday)
  99. Familiar (Freetext Friday)
  100. Clown (Freetext Friday)
  101. Gem (Freetext Friday)
  102. Glyph (Freetext Friday)
  103. Cup (Freetext Friday)
  104. Pirate (Freetext Friday)
  105. Planet (Freetext Friday)
  106. Cheerleader (Freetext Friday)
  107. Time (Freetext Friday)
  108. Amazon (Freetext Friday)
  109. Sword (Freetext Friday)
  110. Snake (Freetext Friday)
  111. Church (Freetext Friday)

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Comments ( 6 )
Commenters gain extra XP from Author votes.

July 6, 2012, 6:38
+25 XP for taking the challenge of putting together this list!
July 6, 2012, 9:46
I felt sorry for the Sky entry, it appeared quite a few times and no one ever picked it up
Voted Cheka Man
July 6, 2012, 11:16
Only voted
Voted Kassy
July 9, 2012, 9:56
A good list. Maybe some of these will become quests some day?

Voted valadaar
May 28, 2013, 11:55
Now the issue is maintaining it. I missed this one when I made my Freetext Friday page.

Voted axlerowes
March 19, 2014, 21:29
This is useful...maybe it would be easier to maintain in the forums.

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the dead mechent of death

       By: celticring

To Dougles Nye money is power, a powerful wizard only newly into lich-hood

Originally the son of servants to a noble family, yet he found that life humiliating. "How could anyone stand to serve another?" he often wondered. His father, was a greedy man who offered an explanation one day “It’s all for the coin, every demanding, humiliating thing. It’s for the coin, boy."

So when Dougles began developing the potential for magic, he found a way out of a life of servitude. Learning magic though stolen books, he made his escape. Taking the all the possessions of the lord’s vaults with him. He set out to gain as much money as possible.

His gifts for magic allowed him many advantages other merchants could only dream of. Capitalized on the use of deviation magic, allowing him to always having what the city he is in needs most, whether that is wheat or weapons, poison or drug doesn’t matter to him.

Some would say he follows war, disease, famine, and political strife like a vulture looking for a nice carcass to claim. What they don’t know is he has a hand in the conflict he supposedly follows. Assassinating ruler to incite wars, casting spells that decimating crops, acting as an information broker to both sides in a conflict. Dougles is known as a man who can get what you need to some, to other a monster who capitalizes on the suffering of others.

The lich know as Dougles Nye, prefers the title ”The Merchant of Death” for that shows just how much power money has earned him.

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