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April 8, 2008, 7:27 pm

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The Prallan Lands


The Giant Tiger Riders of The Prallan Lands are some of the most feared warriors in the known world.

The Prallan Lands are a mix of deep valleys and plains under an unforgiving sun. The lands start high and descend to a more common level, slowly tiered by cliffed plains. The hot sun is broken up by the ever present fast moving clouds that sweep over the lands. The plains themselves are are grass covered seas between the verdant valleys. Good sized herds grave along these lands, drinking at little riverlets that slide along the grasslands. The deep valleys are cut by river systems that cover the land. Inside the valleys, the air is warm and wet. The jungles that grow there are rich in flora and fauna.

The Prallans are an ancient people, living in city states in their jungle valleys. The Modern Prallans live in and amongst the buildings and ruins of the Imperial Cities and the Ancient Prallans cities. They are comfortable in these "traditional places". They currently have no inclination, nor the raw wealth or manpower, to build new cities.

These various cities have been in the cycle of abandonment and "recolonization" for the last few centuries. A "curse" seems to find its way to the city, causing a crop blight or lack of water or some plague, people abandon the city. They move back into the wilds and rejoin the tribal peoples or make the long journey to another city. Until that city grows too large and some other curse/ ecological issue "ends" that city.

Prallian society is a semi-feudal society where everyone is either a Lord and honored servant. Everyone has a Lord. Even the High Lord, the king of all, master of the Silent City (The small city inside the Imperial city where no one is allowed to speak above a whisper), is a servant to the Gods. The links of life flow from there.

Only one’s Lord can give you orders. So you might be a street sweeper, but only your lord - The Lord of the City - can tell you what to do, even the Emperor walking down the street can’t. (Though, to be polite, following requests from your Lord’s lord can be a good idea). Thus people are very independent

The Giant Tiger Riders of The Prallan Lands use harnesses like this to actually tame their battle cats.

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