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May 2, 2007, 3:15 pm

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The Negasek


Evil gives birth to many foul creatures, of these creatures the Negasek have emerged from a womb of darkness and terror. These powerful insect-like creatures radiate the dark force that gave birth to them, born of sheer negative energy, nearly dripping with the foulness of their diabolic nature.

The Negasek consist of three sub-races; royal, warrior, and drone. The royal negasek are the largest and most powerful, leaders of this foul race. The armored warrior negasek are fierce pack predators and enjoy destroying life for no reason. The mindless drones are by far the most numerous and weak; but without them the negasek would surely perish.

Royal Negasek
The royal negasek are a deep dark purple, their armored exoskeleton mirrored and polished. Royal negasek are at least 15 feet in length, but some are much larger; sometimes even three times that size – especially the hive mother or father. Only one out of every 300 eggs the hive mother lays will hatch into a royal negasek.

Warrior Negasek
The warriors are about the same size as the royal negasek – about 15 feet in length. Although, most do not grow too much larger than that like the royals do. Warrior negasek are living weapons, radiating the same negative aura that the royals radiate, although a bit weaker than the royals.

Drone Negasek
The drones are legion, although a drone is only about 1/3 the size of a warrior; measuring about 5’ in length. What they lack in size, they make up in sheer number. They burrow through earth at phenomenal speed and secrete a resin that hardens in minutes, this resin is nearly as hard as adamantine, but becomes brittle when exposed to long periods of light or any amount of holy energy. The drones are a hive mind, controlled by a warrior or royal – A single warrior can control up to 2 dozen negasek, while the weakest royal can control 100 of the creatures. Drones without leadership fall to the last task that was appointed them or if the task is complete they will go into stasis, waiting for their next command. Drones have a very aggressive survival instinct and if uncontrolled will attack anything that comes within their range of detection by sight or tremor-like senses from their resin lairs.

Negasek Senses and Communication
All negasek can sense tremors like a spider in the resin, the negasek can also communicate through vibrations on the resin, and drones lack the ability to communicate if not controlled through a hive mind connection.

All negasek radiate evil negative energy, but in royals and warriors this radiating energy causes unholy damage to anything near them, killing an average human in less than 30 seconds. This aura extends 10 feet from warriors and most royals. Some old royals have an aura that extends up to 30 feet, capable of killing in seconds. This has an opposite effect on undead creatures, instead empowering them and healing them as quick as it would kill an average human. Some old and powerful negasek are even able to animate and control the dead.

Metabolism and Diet
Negasek require darkness and the evil energy that the royals radiate in order to live, although in order for the hive mother to lay eggs she must eat massive amounts of organic material, this includes plant material and animals. Plant material decays and dies within minutes in the negative energy that warriors and royals radiate, this becomes like ash to the hive mother and she cannot eat it to reproduce, many times a hive mother must venture forth and consume plant material herself in a massive feeding frenzy where she will consume several thousand pounds of material, converting it into the negative energy and material she will need to lay eggs. This is almost always the case with new hives.
After a hive has existed for some time they may target living creatures, the hive mother needs less flesh than plant material and the flesh doesn’t decay as quickly, taking hours to become inedible. Although, animals still decay and rot quickly in the aura of the negasek, in less than a day a human body will become a skeleton wrapped in parchment like flesh.

Negasek hate life and seek over everything to eradicate it, although not undead, they are living beings of death and hate, filled with malice toward the living. But, they are not stupid, warriors and royals exhibit intelligence on par with a human. Some elder royals surpass human intelligence and are excellent problem solvers.

In the massive underground hives the negasek have spawn pits where eggs are brought prior to hatching, here negaseks kill and feed on each other, royals usually amassing small gangs waging small wars on one another within the tunnels of the deepest parts of the hive, usually these areas are too small for the adult negasek, but it is essential to their kind that they go through this “learning” phase. Usually mastering their hive mind control skills early, negasek learn the social order of things in these dark pits and tunnels, emerging from the depths with a twisted outlook on their existence.

Social Order
One thing that is very strange with the negasek, once they emerge from the pits below after a month or so, they no longer see their own kind as an enemy, they are part of a social order and they know their place in it; as leader, warrior and drone.

The Hive Mind
All Negasek share thoughts within 10 miles, this is a constant telepathic-like connection. Warriors and Royals are able to force their will upon the drones and command them using this link. Drones without commands are essentially, mindless creatures that will attack any living non-negasek creature that comes near them. It is strange to note that a Negasek will never attack undead unless commanded by a warrior or royal. Drones without the link to a leader have very minimal sentience, and any sentience they do have is purely instinct, they can think when it must survive, they cannot think original thoughts and fight or flee as the situation demands if they have no hive mind orders from a leader.

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Comments ( 8 )
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May 2, 2007, 1:48
This is still in work kind of, mainly in the fact that I need some direction. I know the appearance is a little lacking and I will try to fill more in on that later. Suggestions?
May 2, 2007, 3:52
Add some spaces between the paragraphs, also break up all the dense text with some bolded paragraph 'titles'. Keeps the eyes from crossing while trying to read the page.
May 2, 2007, 12:08
I'd also suggest rereading it out loud to yourself. There are some run-on sentences that should be broken into separate ones.


Drones have very minimal sentience, and any sentience they do have is purely instinct, they can think when it must survive, they cannot think original thoughts and fight or flee as the situation demands if they have no hive mind orders from a leader.

There are also a few grammatical issues which will become apparent when read aloud.
May 2, 2007, 14:59
I wrote it really fast and didn't really look back at it. I wanted to post it, that is how I write, I rush it out and then rewrite it five times. I wanted input on more of the content. The grammar and issues will be edited, I am actually a pagination and advertising specialist for a newspaper, I prefer to edit grammar last and get content first, just my writing style. I have found though, that if I write it to the end at least I already have something to work with. It is better than having half of an article with perfect grammar and editing. My opinion. Also, being versed in Strunk and White's Elements of Style I tend to use commas instead of periods in many instances... just a habit. Thanks though.
Cheka Man
May 2, 2007, 14:04
Vastly overpowered as it stands but a good idea for a race. I will not vote yet.
May 2, 2007, 14:53
These creatures are meant to be epic in nature. The smaller drones should be able to kill an average human with ease. The hive mother and hive father are akin to ancient dragons or greater demons in power.
May 2, 2007, 15:15
Updated: Seperated sections, I will work on more later today.
Voted Cheka Man
May 2, 2007, 17:41
Only voted

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