What those call The Land, is really called "The New Lands". Discovered over five centuries ago by Dylori Sailors, it was quickly "colonized" by The Dylori. Using Human Slave Labor, the few Dylori that traveled to The New Lands built nine New Provinces that were nearly the equal of Provinces they had left behind.

The Dylori were hesitant about expanding to The East. Far to the West were the Lands of The Mythics, where their realms of dreams met the world of men. Rather than risk their wrath, the Dylori stayed to the Eastern Coasts, East of "The Spines".

Three hundred and some odd years ago, durring the first limited outbreak of plauge in the southern provinces, there was a massive slave revolt. Rather than continue to fight their masters, the human slaves ran to The East. They crossed the great middle territories until they reached the one thing the Dylori feared: The Borderlands of the Mythics.

There they founded Humana or translated, "The Human Kingdom". It grew and prospered under the very watchful eyes of The Mythics. Soon after, the Words of the Border were carved in the Stella and something resembling peace returned to the Borderlands.

While Humana grew and expanded, The Dylori held their humans in tightening Talons. When the Plague returned, it killed almost all the Dylori in The Lands. After The Time of Chaos in the Proviences, Kings came to power in each of the Nine Proviences. These became the Coastal Kingdoms, called the Eastern Kingdoms by everyone except those that live there.

As populations grew, "The Middle Lands" were settled and new Kings rose up to rule them. The Middle Kingdoms are mostly unstable, with borders in flux and territory held by force of arms rather than the boundries of law or tradition.

The Land is in the Northern Hemisphere. It borders upon the northern artic region and decends to the tropics. The east most coast is one french curve (j, like arc). The land trails to near the equator then goes do west.

The Coastal Region is seperated from the rest of The Lands by three mountain ranges. Wyvern's Spine (south most), BlueGreen Mountains (Middle), and Dragon Spines (North Most). Each covers about 40% of the distance along the coast, so there is always two mountain ranges between the Eastern Lands and the Middle Lands.

The Middle Region is filled with rolling hills and dales, full of deep forests. There are many rivers that move from the mountains to their east and west, draining into one of the Three Great Rivers which empty into the ocean to the south: The Tale, the Malgon, and the Widera.

Humana continues with gently rolling hills, to the fruited Calm Plain, to gently rolling hills that lead to The Borderlands of the West. The world seems quite normal for the few that have lived around and crossed the Borderlands (for a short way anyways).

Nobody knows what happens to the Far West, as there the world is touched by the Mythics. Beyond the increasing mists, it is beyond mortal ken.


Of The Land (as seen in the Magenta Rose series): There are the Old Kingdoms to the far east, where Humans had been enslaved by The Dylori. The Human Kingdom was founded by escaped slaves in the Far West (against the Mythic territories, as The Dylori feared The Mythics. Here Humans built a human society. After the fall The Dylori, the Middle Kingdoms came into existence "filling the gaps". You can of course insert your own "lands" as long as Humana (or your substitute) is a large country, "the leader" in its area, and adjacent to the Mythic/ Elven lands.

The Kingdom Humana (or Human Kingdom) was the first human state in these lands. It was The Golden Age, an age when the Mythics and Magic were common and life was better. Since the end of that age (not that long ago really), the Silver Age has ruled. Humanity has expanded and more Kingdoms are in The Lands now. After the Twin Rose Wars, a new era will begin - the Iron Age. It will also be known as Pre-Modern or Early Modern Era in text books of the future.

East to West

Old Kingdoms (coastal mostly)

Middle Kingdoms: New commers. Humana was colonized by people who ran as far away from the Old Kingdoms as they could. The broad plains, rolling hills, and such of the Middle Land, was not enough protection. They needed to be in the Shadows of the Mythics.

Six sandwitch kingdoms: thin little countires between the mountains and the middle kingdoms proper. They took in the last of the underclaimed lands betweent he mountains and the kingdoms.

Nechteran is a mountainous Middle Kingdom (*1) filled with steep valleys and rivers. Living there can be good, but at all times it is hard. And there is often war in and about The Lands. This Kingdom breed a tough and pragmatic people. (they are also the big fish in the

Polondorn: A middle kingdom of resource importance with enough passes to defend itself from others.

Ketchen: They are the largest kingdom in the Western Middle and the neighbors of the Kingdom Human. They are our bad guys.
MageKings of nearby Kechen

Porten one of the adjacent Middle Kingdoms to the south.

Human Kingdom (Humana)

Elven Kingdoms (land of the mythics)

To the Far Aways

Old Lands: The lands of the Dylori. Few Humans there. Those that are were imported from The New Lands. They Dylori never tried to reclaim their lost colonies after the Human Slaves revolted a few centuries after Humana was founded. They will quietly trade with New Landers and Autumn Kingdom traders.

Autumn Kingdoms: These are our "Asian Traders". They are south and far west from our lands. Their odd shaped boats can make the journey with their superior knowledges and magic. Imagine EuroAsia in the Southern Hemisphere.

Those of the Autumn Kingdom call The Lands, the Spring Lands.